Israel Policy Forum

Israel Policy Forum

The Israel Policy Forum (IPF) is a New York, NY based American Jewish organization that works for a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The organization lobbies American policymakers in support of this goal and writes opinion pieces that have appeared in many Jewish and non-Jewish newspapers.Cite web|url=|title=Israel Policy Forum|accessdate=2007-09-30] It was founded in 1993. [Schemo, Diana J. [ "Barak, Addressing American Jews, Stresses Israel's Yearning for Peace ".] "The New York Times". Accessed September 20, 2008.]

In September 2008, the organization named Peter Joseph (then the Forum's chairman) to succeed Seymour Reich as president. Larry Zicklin took over from Joseph as chairman. [ [ "Israel Policy Forum picks leaders"] , "Jewish Telegraphic Agency", September 3, 2008. Accessed September 18, 2008.]

The IPF has been criticized for being pro-Palestinian; Isi Leibler called them "Jews against Zion". [ [ "Sending our youth the wrong signals".] "The Jerusalem Post". Accessed September 20, 2008.] Members of the IPF responded that working with the Palestinians is in Israel's best interest and that Mr. Leibler's attack was "offensive and deplorable". [Seymour D. Reich, Marvin Lender. [ 'Who are you calling 'Jews against Zion'?".] "The Jerusalem Post". Accessed September 20, 2008.]

Policy: • Israel Policy Forum (IPF) provides news analyses and recommendations for constructive American approaches to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and related issues. IPF works with domestic and international policy makers to help form the public conversation on Middle East issues []

• IPF Friday by MJ Rosenberg is distributed nationally and in the Middle East. It is regularly reprinted online and in major publications, such as the Jerusalem Post [] .

• IPF’s US and Israel Advisory Councils include Israeli and American analysts and former government officials. The Councils regularly discuss policy, write position papers and communicate for IPF in the media and in various communities across the nation [] .


IPF’s team of advocates and leaders—which includes members of Jewish, philanthropic, academic and political organizations—imparts policy messages to American and international leaders. IPF also regularly holds conference calls and educational training in major U.S. cities [ ] .

Leadership Development:

IPF trains advocates to promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through educational programs. IPF holds an annual Leadership Event to support key figures who promote peacemaking efforts. Previous speakers at the Leadership Event include President Bill Clinton [] , Vice President Al Gore [] , Senator Joseph Biden [] , Prime Minister Ehud Barak [] , then-Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert [ ] and Vice Prime Minister Haim Ramon [] .

Public Diplomacy:

IPF works to enhance communication and diplomatic efforts between Israeli, Arab and American leaders. IPF arranges bi-annual delegations to the Middle East in which American leaders meet with heads-of-state, diplomats, scholars and analysts throughout the region. IPF also conducts media outreach by contributing background information and op-eds [] to major U.S. and Israeli publications [] .


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* Americans for Peace Now
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