Joseph Albert Rosairo

Joseph Albert Rosairo

infobox bishopbiog
name = Joseph Albert Rosairo, M.S.F.S

religion=Roman Catholic Church
See = Diocese of Amravati
Title = Bishop of Diocese of Amravati (Emertius)
Period = 1955 - 1995
Predecessor = None
Successor = Edwin Colaço
ordination = September 29 1944
post = Priest | date of birth = birth date and age|1915|5|30
place of birth = Nagpur, India

Joseph Albert Rosairo, M.S.F.S (born May 30 1915) is an Indian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. One of oldest Roman Catholic Bishiops and oldest bishop from India.

Joseph Albert Rosairo was born in Nagpur, India in late May of 1915. Rosairo was ordained priest September 29 1944 from the Roman Catholic religious order of Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. He appointed May 8 1955 to the Diocese of Amravati and ordained bishop November 13 1955 he would remain until his retirement April 1 1995.

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