List of locations in the Port of London

List of locations in the Port of London

Below are listed all wharves, docks, piers, terminals, etc of the Port of London, the majority of which lie on the River Thames, listed from upstream to downstream. Those marked with a † have at present the status of a safeguarded wharf. Those in "italics" are no longer used for port or river transit related activities. Further remarks are made in brackets, including in some cases the present operator or cargo handled.

Upper Reaches

* Putney Pier (TfL river service)
* Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier (TfL river service)
* Hurlingham Wharf †
* Swedish Wharf †
* Comley’s Wharf (RMC Fulham) †
* Chelsea Harbour Pier (TfL river service)
* Cadogan Pier (TfL river service)
* Western Riverside (Waste Transfer Station) †
* Pier Wharf †
* Cremorne Wharf †
* Cringle Dock †
* Metro Greenham (RMC Battersea) †
* Middle Wharf (RMC Vauxhall) †

Central London

See also: Pool of London.
* Millbank Millennium Pier (TfL river service)
* Lambeth Pier
* Westminster Millennium Pier (TfL river service)
* Waterloo Millennium Pier (TfL river service)
* Embankment Pier (TfL river service)
* Festival Pier (TfL river service)
* Blackfriars Millennium Pier (TfL river service)
* Bankside Pier/Jetty (TfL river service)
* Walbrook Wharf, City of London (Waste Transfer Station) †
* "Clink Wharf"
* "Winchester Wharf"
* "Horseshoe Wharf"
* "Pickfords Wharf"
* St Mary Overie Dock
* Swan Lane Pier/Dolphin Pontoon
* "Fishmongers"/"Fish Wharf"
* "Grant's Quay"/"Wharf"
* London Bridge City Pier/Hays Wharf Pier (TfL river service)
* "Hays Wharf"
* Tower Millennium Pier (TfL river service)
* St. Katharine Pier (TfL river service)
* St Katharine Docks
* Butler's Wharf

London Docklands

See "London Docks", "Limehouse Basin", "Surrey Commercial Docks", "West India Docks", "Millwall Dock", "East India Docks" and the Royal Docks (used for boat exhibitioning) for the dock systems containing a great multitude of docks (some of which no longer exist) which were in commercial port operation until the 1970s/early 1980s.
* "Victoria Wharf"
* "Lavender Wharf"
* "Sunderland Wharf"
* Canary Wharf Pier (TfL river service)
* Nelson Dock Pier
* Greenland Dock Pier
* Convoy's Wharf
* Brewery Wharf †
* Masthouse Terrace Pier
* Greenwich Pier (TfL river service)
* High Bridge Wharf
* Lovell’s Wharf (status as a safeguarded wharf now lost)
* Granite Wharf (status as a safeguarded wharf now lost)
* Piper’s Wharf
* Enderby’s Wharf
* Morden Wharf
* Tunnel Glucose †
* Primrose Wharf
* Bay Wharf
* Victoria Deep Water Terminal †
* "Delta/Blackwall Wharf" (major aggregates wharf now lost - redeveloped as part of the Greenwich Peninsula masterplan)
* Northumberland Wharf †
* Orchard Wharf †
* Priors Wharf (Lower Lea Valley/Bow Creek) †
* Mayer Parry Wharf (EMR Canning Town) (Lower Lea Valley/Bow Creek) †
* Queen Elizabeth II Pier (TfL river service)
* "Phoenix Wharf"
* Thames Wharf †
* London City Airport Pier
* Peruvian Wharf †
* Manhattan Wharf †
* Sunshine Wharf †
* Minoco Wharf (status as a safeguarded wharf now lost)
* Angerstein Wharf
* Murphy’s Wharf (major existing aggregates terminal)†
* Riverside Wharf †
* Barrier Gardens Pier(Thames Barrier)
* Tay Wharf
* Thames Refinery/Tate & Lyle Jetty (Cairn Mills; sugar) †
* Woolwich Free Ferry landing stages
* Woolwich Arsenal Pier (TfL river service)
* "Venesta Wharf" (no longer usable)
* Beckton Reach Sewerage Works Pier

Barking Creek

The following wharfs are located on the lower section of the River Roding, at Creekmouth.
* Welbeck Wharf †
* Pinns Wharf †
* Kierbeck & Steel Wharves †
* Debden Wharf (recently improved) †
* Rippleway Wharf †
* "Alexander Wharf" (no longer usable)
* Maple Wharf (in use?)
* "Bowen Wharf" (backland built over; not usable)
* "New Free Trade Wharf" (backland built over; not usable)
* "Dockland Construction Wharf" (has been redeveloped into industrial units)
* Docklands Wharf †
* Victoria Stone Wharf †
* DePass Wharf †

Dagenham Dock

* RMC Roadstone †
* No 7 Jetty (ex-Rugby Cement) (currently vacant)
* Thunderer Jetty
* Pinnacle Terminal †
* White Mountain Roadstone †
* Hunts Wharf (Van Dalen) †
* Hanson Aggregates
* Ford Dagenham Terminal †

Erith Reach

* Borax Wharf/Manor Wharf †
* Phoenix Wharf/Frog Island †
* Tilda Rice †
* Mulberry Wharf †
* Pioneer Wharf †
* Albion Wharf †
* RMC Erith †
* Railway Wharf (RMC) †
* Mayer Parry Wharf (EMR Erith/Mayer Parry Recycling) †
* Standard Wharf †

Purfleet, Greenhithe and West Thurrock

At present, much of the cargo and commodities handled by the Port of London takes place in the downstream stretches of the Thames beyond Greater London, on the banks of south Essex (Thurrock) and north Kent. The Port of London Authority controls operations from its base in Gravesend. The main container terminal is currently at Tilbury, though in 2008 construction began on the London Gateway project, which will become the largest single component of the Port of London when completed.
* Esso
* CdMR Purfleet
* Jurgen's Jetty
* Civil & Marine Jetty
* Purfleet Aggregates
* Littlebrook Power Station(Dartford Crossing)
* CdMR Dartford (ro-ro ferry terminal).
* Johnson's Wharf
* Lafarge Jetty
* Thurrock Marine Terminal
* Vopak Terminal London
* West Thurrock Jetty
* Gibbs Wharf
* Nustar

=Tilbury, Northfleet and Gravesend=

See Port of Tilbury for the main dock system located on the north bank.
* Northfleet Wharf
* Britannia Terminal
* Seacon Terminals
* Robin’s Wharf
* Brett Aggregates
* Bevan’s Wharf
* Northfleet Terminal
* Red Lion Wharf
* London International Cruise Terminal, Tilbury
* "Fletchers Wharf", Gravesend
* "West Street Pier", Gravesend
* "Town Wharf", Gravesend
* Gravesend - Tilbury Ferry landing stages
* "Town Pier", Gravesend
* Royal Terrace Pier and landing stage, Gravesend (PLA)
* Custom House Pier, Gravesend
* Tilbury Power Station
* Gravesend Canal Basin
* Denton Wharf and Jetty, Gravesend
* Jetty (Metropolitan Police training centre)

Thames Estuary

* Clubb’s Marine Terminal
* North Sea Terminal
* Shell Haven (location of the London Gateway port)
* Coryton Refinery / Thames Haven
* Oikas Storage, Canvey Island
* Calor Gas Terminal, Canvey Island

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