Ava Lyn Koh

Ava Lyn Koh

Ava Lyn Koh is one of the first movie stars of the Singapore film industry. She graduated as a scholar from Brandeis University, a Jewish college near Boston. Her first work was in Sam Bottoms (Apocalypse Now, Seabiscuit) in John Lamond's True Files, / Crime of Passion (USA) (working title). She was only 22. She lives between London and Singapore.

Selected for gifted education as a child, she attended the famous Jewish university as a Wien Scholar, Brandeis University, near Boston, Massachusetts. Skipped a year, graduated magna cum laude, double majors in Philosophy and English.

Started an independent theater company called The Müt Theater (müt: German for "courage"). Broke and struggling to make ends meet, Ava got her first break into film after responding to an open call looking for models in bikinis. She was immediately discovered by veteran director, 'John Lamond', chosen out of hundreds of bikini-clad models for her sharp intelligence and unusually intense dramatic flair. She was subsequently cast in _Crime of Passion (2001)- with Sam Bottoms and Leah DiStasio as Oriental love-object and Sapphic femme-fatale. She speaks several languages: English, Mandarin Chinese and Fuzhou Chinese.

She will be starring in several feature films appearing in Cannes and London, opposite the son of late Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman.

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