Japanese plane

Japanese plane

The Japanese plane or nihongo|"kanna"|鉋| is a plane made from a block of hardwood with a shaped hole which takes the blade and chip breaker. The apparently simple design disguises a great deal of complexity.

The plane is operated in the opposite direction to a Western style plane, being pulled towards the user rather than pushed.


* nihongo|"Hira ganna"|平鉋| is the usual type of flat plane used for smoothing wood. There are several types, depending on the level of finish.
** nihongo|"Ara shikō ganna"|荒仕工鉋| is used for the first planing.
** nihongo|"Chū shikō ganna"|中仕工鉋|.
** nihongo|"Jō shikō ganna"|上仕工鉋|.
** nihongo|"Shiage ganna"|仕上げ鉋| is used for finishing work.
* nihongo|"Kiwa ganna"|際鉋| is a shoulder plane. The blade is angled and inserted into the centre of the plane block at an angle.
* nihongo|"Mizo ganna"|溝鉋| is a groove plane used for cutting "kamoi" and "shikii" (see fusuma).
* nihongo|"Sori kanna"|反り鉋| is a plane with a convex base used for scooping out curved surfaces.
*nihongo|"Dainaoshi ganna"|台直し鉋| is used to plane the surface of other planes. Its blade is held at 90 degrees to its base.
*nihongo|"Yari ganna"|槍鉋| is a spear-like plane, the original plane used in the most ancient buildings. Its use has been revived in Japanese temple carpentry.
*nihongo|"Nankin kanna"|南京鉋| is a spokeshave with two handles.
*nihongo|"Tsuki kanna"|突き鉋| is a push style kanna. These planes existed historically in Japan.

The name changes from "kanna" to "ganna" are due to rendaku.

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*cite book | author = nihongo|Kinya Hoshino|星野欣也|"Hoshino Kinya"| Year= 1997| Title= nihongo|Zusetsu kiso mokkōgu no tsukaikata|図説 基礎木工具の使い方| | Publisher= nihongo|Shinzansha Shuppan|信山社出版| | ID= ISBN 4-7972-1701-4C2037

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