Japanese chisel

Japanese chisel

The Japanese chisel or nihongo|"nomi"|鑿, のみ| is made on similar principles to the Japanese plane. There is a hard blade, called hagane attached to a softer piece of metal called the jigane.

Types of Japanese chisel

* The nihongo|"oire nomi"|追入れ鑿| is the most usual type of Japanese chisel. The name literally means "rabbeting chisel".
* The nihongo|"shinogi nomi"|鎬鑿| has beveled edges for making dovetail joints.

Preparation of the chisel

A Japanese chisel usually requires some set-up, called nihongo|"shikomi"|仕込み|. The metal ring attached to the handle must be removed, the wood and ring filed to match, the ring replaced on the chisel and then the wood beaten down around the ring so that the mallet strikes the wood. The function of the metal ring is to prevent the wooden handle from splitting.

Sharpening the chisel

Japanese carpenters use waterstones for sharpening.

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*Japanese carpentry

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