Program animation

Program animation

Program animation is a particular feature of some Testing tools allowing programs to be executed step-by-step at either source code level or machine code level. Some tools permit animation at both levels depending upon the availability of data collected at compile time.There are at least three distinct types of source animation techniques.
* One technique involves adding additional code to the program at compile time to call the animator after each statement to halt execution.
* Another technique involves forcing a breakpoint at certain points in a program at execution time by altering the machine code instruction at that point (this might be a system call or deliberate invalid operation) and waiting for an interrupt.
* A third method involves a Instruction Set Simulator which treats the programs machine code as its data and monitors the code for set breakpoints or programmer requested "single cycle" animation requests.

The animator may, or may not, combine other test/debugging features within it such as trace, dump, conditional breakpoint and memory alteration, program flow alteration or similar.

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