Welf (father of Judith)

Welf (father of Judith)

Welf or Hwelf also known as Welf I, was the son of the 9th century Frankish count Rothard of Metz. He is the oldest known member of the Elder House of Welf. Welf is mentioned only once: on the occasion of the wedding of his daughter Judith with Emperor Louis the Pious in 819.

Marriage and issue

Welf married Hedwig, Duchess of bavaria, daughter of the Saxon count Isanbart; Hedwig was abbess of Chelles. They had the following:
*Judith, Roman Empress and Frankish Queen, died 843;
*Rudolf, died 866;
*Conrad, Count of Paris, ancestor of the Welf kings of Burgundy;
*Hemma, Frankish Queen, died 876.


* [http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/SWABIAN%20NOBILITY.htm#WelfIdied824B FMG on Welf, the Margrave of Swabia]

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