Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University

name =Tel Aviv University
native_name =אוניברסיטת תל אביב

established =1956
type =Public
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president =Zvi Galil
provost =
principal =
rector =Dany Leviatan
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head_label =Vice-Presidents
head =Yehiel Ben-Zvi, Hagit Messer-Yaron
students =29,000
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city =Flagicon|Israel Tel Aviv
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country =Israel
campus =Urban
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Tel Aviv University (TAU, אוניברסיטת תל־אביב, את"א) is Israel's largest on-site university, located in Tel Aviv. [cite web |url= |title=Statistical Data - Data on Students in Institutions of Higher Education |publisher=Israeli Council for higher education |year=2007 |accessdate=2007-09-18] As of 2006, the Tel Aviv University has a student population of 29,000.

TAU comprises nine faculties, 106 departments, and 90 research institutes.


Located in Israel's cultural, financial and industrial center, Tel Aviv University is Israel's largest university. It is a major center of teaching and research, comprising nine faculties, 106 departments, and 90 research institutes. Its origins go back to 1956, when three research institutes - the Tel Aviv School of Law and Economics, the Institute of Natural Sciences, and the Institute of Jewish Studies - joined together to form the University of Tel Aviv.Initially operated by the Tel Aviv municipality, the university was granted autonomy in 1963. The Ramat Aviv campus covering an area of convert|170|acre|km2|sing=on was established that same year.

The university also maintains academic supervision over the Center for Technological Design in Holon, the New Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, and the Tel Aviv Engineering College. The Wise Observatory is located in Mitzpe Ramon.

Ramat Aviv campus

TAU received its autonomy from the Tel Aviv municipality in 1963, when its campus, in the northern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Ramat Aviv was established. and the Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences.

Other university schools and programs include:
*Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine
*Constantiner School of Education
*Porter School of Environmental Studies
*Shapell School of Social Work
*The School for Overseas Students
*The Unit of Culture Research
*Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research
*Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas
*Joseph Kelman School of Education

Relations with other universities

Tel Aviv University offers special programs of Jewish studies to teachers and students from the United States, France, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. The programs are in English.

The School for Overseas Students gives young people from different countries the opportunity to study at Tel Aviv University. The program is in English and also offers the opportunity to live and study in a kibbutz.

The Tel Aviv University Law Faculty currently has exchange programs from thirteen overseas universities. Namely: Michigan, Northwestern, Penn, Virginia, Cornell, Boston University, Temple, Cardozo, Toronto, Bucerius (Hamburg), Monash (Melbourne), Milan, and Seoul National University [] The university offers about 20 courses a year in English, recruiting many top lecturers from overseas to teach.

Other study opportunities for students from abroad are:
* Master's Program in Middle Eastern Studies
* Master's Program in Biblical Archaeology
* Summer Law Program co-sponsored by Temple University Law School
* Sackler School of Medicine New York State/American Program
* Wharton-Recanati-INSEAD-York Project in Management
* International Executive MBA Program with the Kellogg School, Northwestern University
* Spring Engineering Program with Boston University's College of Engineering
* High-Tech Management School

In May 2007, New York University and Tel Aviv University approved a plan to establish an NYU Study Abroad Campus in Israel based at Tel Aviv University []


Notable faculty members (past and present) include:
*Yakir Aharonov, physicist
*Noga Alon, mathematician
*Yitzhak Arad, historian
*Shlomo Ben-Ami, historian, former Minister of Foreign Affairs
*Joseph Bernstein, mathematician
*Uzi Even, chemist and political activist for LGBT rights
*Israel Finkelstein, archaeologist
*Joshua Jortner, physical chemist
*Asa Kasher, philosopher and authority on Ethics, author of IDF's Code of Conduct
*Etgar Keret, author
*Zvi Laron, paediatric endocrinologist
*Amnon Jackont, author
*Fred Landman, semanticist
*Orna Lin, lawyer
*Vitali Milman, mathematician
*Yuval Ne'eman (deceased), physicist, former minister of Science and Technology
*Baruch Modan, oncologist
*Aviad Raz, sociologist
*Tanya Reinhart, linguist
*Amnon Rubinstein, former Dean of Law, also former Education minister
*Ariel Rubinstein, economist
*Anita Shapira, historian
*Edna Shavit, drama
*Boris Tsirelson, mathematician
*Lev Vaidman, physicist
*Moshe Wolman, neuropathologist
*Amotz Zahavi, biologist

Notable alumni

* Benjamin Gantz, Commander of the GOC Army Headquarters
*Arie Eldad, member of Knesset
*Shlomo Ben-Ami, historian, former Minister of Foreign Affairs
*Alon Bar, award winning filmmaker
*Yochai Benkler, law professor at Yale
*Mohammad Barakeh, member of parliament and party leader
*Ran Cohen, former minister of Housing
*Becky Epstein, Mayor of Belle Harbor, New York
*Dan Gillerman, Vice-President of the UN General Assembly
*Tzachi Hanegbi, former minister of Internal Security
*Zvi Heifetz, Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom
*Ron Huldai, current mayor of Tel Aviv
*Moshe Kaplinsky, Deputy Chief of the IDF General Staff
*Efraim Karsh, historian
*Dov Khenin, political scientist and member of Knesset
*Yosef Lapid, former vice premier and Justice minister
*Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, former Chief of Staff and minister of Tourism and Transportation
*Yitzhak Mordechai, former Minister of Defense and Transportation
*Yitzhak Orpaz-Auerbach, author
*Ophir Pines-Paz, Interrior Minister
*Haim Ramon, former minister of Health and Justice
*Ilan Ramon, The first Israeli astronaut
*Gideon Sa'ar, member of Knesset
*Adi Shamir, inventor of the RSA algorithm
*Simon Shaheen, musician
*Silvan Shalom, former minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs
*Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel
*Ronnie Weinstein, CEO of Wissotzky Tea Company
*Bat-Sheva Zeisler, singer and actress
*Abdel Rahman Zuabi, Arab Israeli judge

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*List of universities in Israel
*Tel Aviv
*Dame Shirley Porter


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*he icon en icon [ Tel Aviv University Website] - [ Introduction] , and [ History] .
* [ American Friends of Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv University donor group]

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