Posterior tibial vein

Posterior tibial vein

Infobox Vein
Name = Posterior tibial vein
Latin = venae tibiales posteriores
GraySubject = 173
GrayPage = 672

Caption = The popliteal vein.

Caption2 =
DrainsFrom =
Source = fibular veins
DrainsTo = popliteal vein
Artery = posterior tibial artery
MeshName =
MeshNumber =
DorlandsPre = v_05
DorlandsSuf = 12852077
In anatomy, the posterior tibial vein of the lower limb carries blood from the posterior compartment and plantar surface of the foot to the popliteal vein which it forms when it joins with the anterior tibial vein.

Like most deep veins, the posterior tibial vein is accompanied by an artery of the same name, the posterior tibial artery, along its course.


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