Motor Skills

Motor Skills

Infobox Television episode | Title = Motor Skills
Series = Frasier
Season = 8
Episode = 11
Airdate = 30 January 2001
Production =
Writer = Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil
Director = Pamela Fryman
Guests = Dave "Gruber" Allen (Randy)
Prev = Cranes Unplugged
Next = The Show Must Go Off

"Motor Skills" is the eleventh episode in season 8 of American sitcom "Frasier".

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

*Kelsey GrammerDr. Frasier Crane
*David Hyde PierceDr. Niles Crane
*John MahoneyMartin Crane
*Jane LeevesDaphne Moon
*Peri GilpinRoz Doyle

Plot outline

After an embarrassing occasion when Frasier's car broke down and he had to admit to his date that he knew nothing about engines, he and Niles decide to attend an evening class in basic car maintenance. The experience reminds them of being back at school, but this time they struggle and decide to quit. However, when Daphne and Martin reveal to Niles and Frasier respectively just how proud they are, they wonder if their decision to quit was too hasty. Roz persuades them to try an approach that they never used at school, and which they held in great contempt: coasting.

Roz has bought a Dalmatian puppy for Alice, and asks Martin for some help looking after him. However, Roz becomes annoyed when Martin starts to become overbearing in his efforts, even to the extent of naming the dog before Alice has a chance.

Episode title cards

*"Gentlemen, meet your engines"
*"The coasters"

Cultural references

Frasier quotes some lines ("I am a true labourer…") from Shakespeare's pastoral comedy "As You Like It", , originally spoken by Corin the shepherd.

Memorable Quotations

"Frasier is driving Chelsea to see her first opera. Niles and Daphne are in the back seat"
Chelsea: Oh, this is gonna be a whole new experience for me.
Daphne: Why, you've never been bored before?

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