Revenge of the Mummy (Florida)

Revenge of the Mummy (Florida)

Infobox Universal ride |Right
name=Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride

caption=Entrance to Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride at Universal Orlando
park=Universal Studios Florida
land=New York
opened=May 21, 2004
theme=The Mummy
manufacturer=Premier Rides
vehicle_type=Sitting Coaster
lift=Linear Induction Motors
height= 40
drop= 26
duration=about 3
acceleration=0-40 1.5 sec.
custom_label_2=Previous Attractions
custom_value_2=Kongfrontation (1990-2002)

Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor steel roller coaster featured at Universal Orlando Resort. The coaster is based upon the popular Mummy movie franchise directed by Stephen Sommers. It Opened on May 21, 2004 and was built by Premier Rides. the ride was reputed to be built at a cost of $45,000,000 USD. It has a minimum passenger height requirement of convert|48|in|mm.

The Revenge of the Mummy coaster uses Linear induction motors (LIM), a technology used to launch riders from a complete standstill. The coaster features three LIM launches.

The coaster ride lasts nearly three minutes and features a top speed of convert|45|mi/h|km/h|abbr=on. The track is 2200 ft long featuring no inversions, 80 degree banked turns, and a 50 degree angle of descent. The building housing the coaster was previously home to one of Universal's landmark attractions, "Kongfrontation". Homages to the Kong attraction can be found in several areas within the Mummy attraction, Including a golden statue of King Kong in the second scene of the ride.

Although the coaster shares a name with the one in Hollywood, each has a unique plot and track layout. The Florida version boasts a fake unload section while the Hollywood version boasts a slightly longer backwards section climaxing in a fiery turntable ending.



Guests enter the ride by browsing through a film setup for a documentary of the O'Connell's adventures in Egypt in the tombs. The film's props, molds, and concept drawings are on display near the entrance to the ride. The inside queue morphs into a 1940s archaeological dig, where guests board mine cars utilizing individual lap bars.


Once the mine cars move away from the loading area, Reggie, a production assistant of the set, is being sacrificed to Imhotep, yelling at the riders, "Are you insane?! Get Outta Here! The curse is real! This whole place is a trap! He's after your souls!" Imhotep jumps out of a sarcophagus, and yells at Reggie, "SILENCE!", but the assistant continues on to say, "Look for the Medjai symbol. It's your only hope." Imhotep then sucks his soul from him, killing the poor man. He tells riders, "With your souls, I shall rule for all eternity!" The mine cars make their way into a giant treasure room, featuring many artifacts, and a King Kong statue (in homage to the attraction's original tenant). Imhotep appears in a projector screen and says "Serve me and savor riches beyond measure." Suddenly, the lights dim, as Imhotep says "Or refuse and savor a more bitter pleasure." From a cloud of mist on each side of the room, several warrior mummies spring out, surrounded by large flames. The car moves though a collapsing exit, dipping under the wall that is falling above it, and are sent into a small room containing three walls, one with a slot in the front. scarab beetles then flow from the hole, engulfing the room. The room then goes black, and the car is slowly but suddenly launched backwards, and sends the car down a small drop. They then stop immediately, to reveal the Medjai symbol, which is shortly after, revealed to be Imhotep's disembodied head. The car begins to turn, but Imhotep's head follows. He then growls, "Not even the Medjai can save you now. There is no escape. Your end shall be my beginning. Behold your fate. This is your destiny." The cars begin moving up a hill with Imhotep's head at the end of it. He screams "Your souls are MINE!!!", as they are rocketed upwards from convert|0|mi/h|km/h|abbr=on to convert|40|mi/h|km/h|abbr=on into the coaster portion straight through Imhotep's mouth. The ride goes through a series of highly banked turns and a few drops; there are however, no inversions.

The car soon stops at the rides' "fake unload" sequence, parodying the unload areas of theme park rides. A silhouette of a worker sitting in a control booth is seen behind frosted glass, and she announces, "We hoped you enjoyed the ride, please remain seated and keep your arms and legs inside the-"; Riders then watch as she is instantly obliterated behind the frosted window, it "explodes" afterward, and Imhotep is seen inside. He booms, "Prepare to forfeit your souls!" and laughs, as the roof becomes engulfed with fire. "Death is only the beginning!", Imhotep warns. The cars are then launched down a large drop, at which point, an on ride picture is taken. The car then plummets into a orange pit of mist and is sent through a second, smaller, and slower coaster section. Imhotep's face is shown, mist pouring from his mouth. The car then turns to reveal the real Medjai symbol, at which point, the car brakes.

As the car heads to unload, video of the film's lead actor Brendan Fraser is shown. He says, "Hey welcome back, hope you enjoyed yourself. These interviews would have gone a lot better if I had gotten a cup of COFFEE!!!" A shadowy figure hands him a cup of coffee, and he takes it, saying "Oh, thank you." and looks up. It's Imhotep. The figure comes in again, this time blacking out the screen, and the screams of Brendan Fraser are heard.


At the end of the ride near where you get your pictures, there is a missing persons poster with a picture of Reggie on it.

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