Democratically elected President of Sierra Leone

Democratically elected President of Sierra Leone

Infobox Political post
post = The President
body = the
Republic of Sierra Leone
insignia = Coat of arms of Sierra Leone.pnginsigniasize = 140px
insigniacaption = Coat of arms
termlength = five years (eligible for re-election)
residence = State House
Freetown, Sierra Leone

incumbent = Ernest Bai Koroma
incumbentsince = 20 January 2001
formation = April 19, 1971
inaugural = Siaka Stevens
website =

The President of Sierra Leone is both the head of state and the head of government of the Republic of Sierra Leone as well as the Commander-in-chief of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces. On April 19, 1971 the Parliament of Sierra Leone abandon the Parliamentary system of government and established The Executive presidential system upon the declaration of a Republic. Siaka Stevens, who was already serving as Prime Minister became the country's first President on the same day. The State House in the capital Freetown serves as the official resident and principal workplace of the president. Since the President post was created in 1971, Sierra Leone has had only four democratically elected president.

The president is elected by popular vote to a maximum of two five-year term limit. The the first five years in office, the president is eligible for re-election for another five years (the final term limit).

To be elected president, a candidate must gain at least 55% of the vote. If no candidate gets 55%, there is to be a second-round runoff between the top two candidates with the most votes in the first round. [] .

Requirements to hold office

Within the confines of the 1991 Constitution that deals with the executive branch of government; to be eligible to run for president, the following requirements must be met:
*Must be a Sierra Leonean citizen by birth (must be born in Sierra Leone)
*Must be at least 40 years old
*Must be able to speak, read and write the English language
*Must be a member of a political party
*Must not have any criminal conviction
*Must not already served as president

Democratically elected presidents of Sierra Leone

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