Shariatpur District

Shariatpur District

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division_name = Dhaka Division
population_as_of = 1991
population_total = 1,057,181
population_density = 894.76
literacy_rate = 24.4%
area_total = 1,181.53
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Shariatpur is a district in the Dhaka Division of central Bangladesh.


The six (6) upazilas under this district are:
#Bhedarganj Upazila
#Damudya Upazila
#Gosairhat Upazila
#Naria Upazila
#Shariatpur Sadar Upazila
#Zanjira Upazila

Geography & Demography

Shariatpur District with an area of 1181.53 km², on north is bounded by Munshiganj district, Barisal district on the south, Chandpur district on the east, Madaripur district on the west. Main rivers are Padma, Meghna, Kirtinasha, Palong, Jayanti and Dharmaganj.

According to the census of 2001GR|Bangladeh, area of Shariatpur district is 1181.53 It has 5 Municipality, 102 Mahalla,64 Uniondn, 608 Mauza,1235 Village, 213677 House Hold. Total population of Shariatpur district is 10,82,300, of which 543,838 male, 538,462 Female , Literacy rate is 38.9%.cite web| accessdate = September 03 | accessyear = 2007 | url = | title = Area, Population and Literacy Rate by Upazila/Thana-2001| publisher= Population Census Wing, BBS.]


Shariatpur was named after Haji Shariatullah (1781-1840), who was the founder of Faraizi Movement and an eminent Islamic reformer during the British era. Shariatpur was established as district on 1 March 1984. Earlier it was known as Palong thana which was converted to Shariatpur Sub-division and latterly as district.


Economy of Shariatpur district is mainly agriculture based. Total land 251849 acre, cultivable land 151902 acre, fallow land 6857 acre, irrigated 40894 acre. Main crops Paddy, jute, peanut, wheat, sugar cane, chili, betel leaf, oilseed, pulse, turmeric, onion, garlic and coriander. Extinct or nearly extinct crops Indigo, kusumphul, kaun, kalijira, china, arahar, barley, corn, tobacco, linseed, sesame, bhura, mesta, sanpat. Main fruits Mango, jack fruit, blackberry, banana and wood apple. Some manufacture industries and Cottage industries are also contribute in the economy. Agriculture based economy is operated by local “Hat” (bazaar). Out of total 88 hats-bazaars most noted are Angaria bazar, Dasherjangle bazar, Kazir hat, Vojeshwar bazar, Naria bazar, Haturia hat, Nagerpara bazar, Sakhipur hat, Palong hat, Kanaipur, Piaskhaki, Kanarkhali, Haziganj Bazar.

Cottage & small industries: Ice factory 13, saw mills 35, shoe factory 4, rice mill 164, oil mill 6, biri factory (local cigarette) 9, weaving 88, goldsmith 341, blacksmith 324, potteries 90, tailoring 425, welding 47.

Educational Institution

There are 396 government primary schools, 137 non-government primary schools, 61 community primary schools, 113 satellite primary schools, 40 NGO operated primary schools, 22 ebtaidaye madrasa, 2 government high school, 90 non-government high schools, 90 dakhil madrasa, 3 government colleges, 13 registered colleges, 14 senior madrasa. Of them noted institutions is Palong Tulashar High School, Idilpur Pilot High School, Damudya Pilot High School, Mohsenia Kamil Madrasa, Shariatpur Government College, Purbo Madaripur College.

Places of Interest

1. Fatehjongpur Fort 2. Kedarbari 3. Burir Hat Mosque 4. Rathindra Kanto Ghatak Chowdhury's Home, South Baluchara, Shariatpur5. Haturia and Kartikpur Zamindar bari.6. Mahishar dighi

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