Leader (disambiguation)

Leader (disambiguation)

Leader may refer to:
* One engaged in leadership
* leader, a British newspaper term for an editorial
* Leader (dance), a partner who initiates the moves of the dance couple
* Leader (spark), part of a long electrical spark
* Leader, Saskatchewan, a Canadian town
* the leader, a concertmaster, the principal player in the first violins in an orchestra
* film leader, or length of film attached before and after a motion picture film to aid in threading
* Scout Leader
* SR Leader Class, a class of experimental locomotives


* "Leader" (film), a 1964 Hindi film starring Dilip Kumar
* "The Leader" (newspaper), a weekly newspaper (1850-1860)
* "The Leader", a nickname for the "New Hampshire Union Leader" newspaper
* The Leader (comics), a fictional character from Marvel Comics
* The Leader, the fictional head of the Movementarians from "The Simpsons" episode "The Joy of Sect"


* Equivalent of Concertmaster of the orchestra in UK
* Leader Records (UK), a UK record label
* Leader Records (US), a US record label
* The Leaders, a jazz supergroup formed in 1985
* "The Leader", a song on The Clash's 1980 album Sandinista!
* The Leader, a nickname for rock singer Gary Glitter


* Benjamin Williams Leader (1833-1923), English artist
* Bill Leader, American-English recording engineer and producer
* George M. Leader, American politician
* Imre Leader, British mathematician
* Zachary Leader (b.1948), professor of English Literature
* Zoe Leader, voice actress

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