Ray Gun (magazine)

Ray Gun (magazine)

"Ray Gun" was an American alternative rock-and-roll magazine, first published in 1992 in Santa Monica, California. Led by founding art director David Carson, "Ray Gun" explored experimental magazine typographic design. The result was a chaotic, abstract style, not always readable, but distinctive in appearance. That tradition for compelling visuals continued even after Carson abruptly left the magazine after barely three years; he was followed by a series of art directors, including Robert Hales, Chris Ashworth, Scott Denton-Cardew, and Jerome Curchod.

In terms of content, "Ray Gun" was also notable for its choices of subject matter. The cutting-edge musical artists and pop culture icons spotlighted were typically ahead of the curve, putting such artists as Radiohead, Bjork, Beck, Flaming Lips, PJ Harvey and Eminem on its cover long before its better-known competitors. Those choices were guided by editor Randy Bookasta and an editorial staff that at times included Dean Kuipers, Nina Malkin, Mark Blackwell, Joe Donnelly, Grant Alden, Mark Woodlief, and Eric Gladstone.

"Ray Gun" produced over 70 issues from 1992 through 2000. Owner-founder-publisher Marvin Scott Jarrett (one-time publisher of a late-1980s incarnation of "Creem") also created the magazines "Bikini", "Stick" and "huH".Fact|date=June 2007 Jarret is currently editor-in-chief of "Nylon", a New York-based fashion magazine. [http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=masthead] The most notable common thread among all of Jarrett's magazines (from his latter-day "Creem" through "Nylon") has been an attraction to dynamic next-generation graphic design.

Partial list of issues

* "Ray Gun" #1, November 1992. Henry Rollins cover.
* "Ray Gun" #2, December 1992/January 1993. R.E.M. cover.
* "Ray Gun" #3, February 1993. Dinosaur Jr. cover.
* "Ray Gun" #4, March 1993. Frank Black cover.
* "Ray Gun" #5, April 1993. Porno for Pyros cover.
* "Ray Gun" #6, May 1993. PJ Harvey cover.
* "Ray Gun" #7, June/July 1993. Sonic Youth cover.
* "Ray Gun" #8, August 1993. Iggy Pop cover.
* "Ray Gun" #9, September 1993. Urge Overkill cover.
* "Ray Gun" #10, October 1993. Teenage Fanclub cover.
* "Ray Gun" #11, November 1993. Swervedriver cover.
* "Ray Gun" #12, December 1993/January 1994 L7 cover.
* "Ray Gun" #13, February 1994. Ministry cover.
* "Ray Gun" #16, May 1994. Alice in Chains cover.
* "Ray Gun" #17, June/July 1994. Perry Farrell cover.
* "Ray Gun" #18, August 1994. Lush cover.
* "Ray Gun" #19, September 1994. Jesus and Mary Chain cover.
* "Ray Gun" #20, October 1994. Kim Deal and J Mascis cover.
* "Ray Gun" #21, November 1994. Liz Phair cover.
* "Ray Gun" #22, December 1994/January 1995. Keith Richards cover.
* "Ray Gun" #23, April 1995. Pavement cover.
* "Ray Gun" #25, February 1995. Belly cover.
* "Ray Gun" #26, June/July 1995. Beastie Boys cover.
* "Ray Gun" #27, August 1995. Björk cover.
* "Ray Gun" #28, August 1995. Neil Young cover.
* "Ray Gun" #29, September 1995. Flaming Lips cover.
* "Ray Gun" #36, May 1996. Rage Against the Machine cover.
* "Ray Gun" #37, June/July 1996. Soundgarden cover.
* "Ray Gun" #42, December 1996/January 1997. Smashing Pumpkins cover.
* "Ray Gun" #43, February 1997. Nine Inch Nails cover.
* "Ray Gun" #44, March 1997. David Bowie cover.
* "Ray Gun" #47, June/July 1997. Blur cover.
* "Ray Gun" #48, August 1997. Wim Wenders and Michael Stipe cover.
* "Ray Gun" #49, September 1997. Björk cover.
* "Ray Gun" #54, March 1998. Radiohead cover.
* "Ray Gun" #56, May 1998. Pearl Jam cover.
* "Ray Gun" #60, October 1998. Kiss cover.
* "Ray Gun" #61, November 1998. Marilyn Manson cover.
* "Ray Gun" #63, January 1999. Beck cover.
* "Ray Gun" #65, March 1999. Underworld cover.
* "Ray Gun" #66, April 1999. Shirley Manson cover.
* "Ray Gun" #68, June 1999. Jamiroquai cover.
* Ray Gun #71, September 1999. Chris Cornell cover.


*"Ray Gun: Out of Control" by Dean Kuipers and Marvin Scott Jarrett, Simon & Schuster (1997), ISBN 0-684-83980-6.design and art direction by Neil Fletcher and Chris Ashworth.

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* [http://www.matadorrecords.com/cornelius/raygun2.html “Magical Mystery Tour,”] by Neva Chonin, "Ray Gun", May 1998.

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