Paraguayan Virtual Enciclopedia

Paraguayan Virtual Enciclopedia

=What is EVP?=

The Paraguayan Virtual Encyclopedia is an educational project, developed for the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay ( [ MEC] ) converted into computer programs, which seek through the comprehensive development of the curricula at the basic school education and secondary education, to give students throughout the Republic of students, a tool to enhance the learning process. [There aren't another experiencies in Paraguay about study programs, but in the Mercosur there are various related sites as [ Mercosur Educational] , [] .]

At the same time seeks to give allowance to teachers, through an additional resource that enables them to properly guide the students in this process.

Actual much of the encyclopedia is in Spanish and Guarani, which are the official languages of Paraguay, although part of the encyclopedia is also in English.

Components of EVP

The EVP represents a cooperative work, which has the following components:

# Study programs of basic school education
# Repository of multimedia elements to the classroom
# Collaboration with 500 articles relating to Paraguay in the spanish Wikipedia, and use of articles relating to Paraguay in spanish for local distribution of the DVD (1,320 items)
# Collaboration with 250 articles relating to Paraguay in the english Wikipedia, and use of articles relating to Paraguay in english for local distribution of the DVD (1,300 items)
# Collaboration with 250 articles relating to Paraguay in the guarani version of Wikipedia, and use of articles relating to Paraguay in english for local distribution of the DVD (600 articles).

cope of EVP

The EVP has this main products:

# The content of the curriculum of basic school education and secondary education.
# Content encyclopedic data of Paraguay, which are excerpts from the encyclopedia Wikipedia (in english, [ spanish] and [ guarani] ).
# Animation, videos and games for students to gain access to other forms of acquiring knowledge.
# Photo gallery, music videos and national, that can be used freely.

How to access the EVP

The EVP is available in 2 ways;

# The online version,
# The version distributed on CD and DVD, which must be installed on standalone computer.

The EVP is a project completed

No, EVP unlike a written text, is in constant change and updating, perhaps that is its greatest virtue. But in addition, the technicians of the MEC, Itaipu and the general contractor, are working permanently in the incorporation of new programs.

Those who can collaborate with the EVP

The EVP is an open project; can work both students and teachers, from anywhere in the world. Teachers can collaborate, suggesting the incorporation of content, examinations and other materials. Students can work through the discussion forum, or participate in surveys or online contests or other functionality of the portal. In the active participation of students and teachers lie the usefulness and success of the project.

Copyright in EVP

The contents of the EVP, is free; can be copied freely distributed. Only one can not entirely copy for commercial purposes, namely to sell the product. For the drafting process was established as a premise transfer of rights to Itaipu and the Ministry of Education and Culture by the authors. On the other hand, information from the Encyclopedia, is part of Wikimedia project, which involves the use free, provided the source is acknowledged and not marketed the product.

Derived Project from Mediawiki

The EVP uses the free tools provided by the Mediawiki project. From the same tools have been developed, which are available for dissemination in the event that an institution or group requires these resources. [for more information about these types of project, please refer to Wiki comunity .]

Project Contributors

This project is the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay [ MEC] and [ Itaipu Binacional] , working together.

The initial project was initiated in 2006, in 2007, included the Ministries of Education and Culture in the project, through an agreement, which continues until the end of 2008.

In addition to the Ministries of Education and Culture of Paraguay (MEC), the Company Itaipu Binacional, [ Optimiza] , [ ITH] , and within this group of over 120 direct employees [(for more information, see [ collaborators] )]


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* [ Portal EVP]

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