British Stock car racing

British Stock car racing

British Stock Car racing has many facets. Currently, the 3 main branches of the sport are 'Hot rods', 'Stock cars', and 'Bangers'. Within each of these 3 branches there are many variants.

Hot Rods

Hot Rods are a non contact formula where the vehicles are based on production (stock) cars, or resemble production cars. The concept for the National series is similar to that of NASCAR. The NHRPA cars resemble production cars, but are in fact purpose built space frame chassis with a Kevlar body which mimics a production car. Other Hot Rod categories do make use of standard production body/chassis.

Classes include;-National Hot Rods,2 litre Hot Rods,Stock Rods,Lightning Rods,Rookie Rods

Other non-contact categories which might be included as Hot Rod classes are Legends,Midgets

Hot Rods (oval racing)

Stock Cars

The BriSCA and Spedeworth Stock Cars trace their history back to the fifties and the original concept of production cars racing on an oval race way. In stock car racing contact is allowed, that is, if you are unable to pass an opponent using speed alone, you are allowed to 'bump' your opponent in order too knock them offline and pass. The degree of contact allowed varies between categories. Many stock car categories in the UK no longer resemble production cars. There are categories that use stock components, but no longer resemble production cars e.g. BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, Spedeworth V8 Stock cars, Spedeworth Superstox. Then there are a variety of stock car classes that do resemble production cars e.g. National Saloon Stock cars, Spedeworth 2L Stock Cars, Spedeworth 1300 Stock cars

Classes include;-BriSCA F1,BriSCA F2,Spedeworth V8 Stock carsSpedeworth Superstox,National Saloon Stock cars,Spedeworth 2L Stock Cars,Spedeworth 1300 Stock cars,Ministox,Rebels

British Stock Car Association


Bangers are production cars that are raced with modifications for safety, e.g. drivers doors are reinforced, roll over bars are added, windscreens are removed etc The racing is full contact and very aggressive with 'wrecking' usually playing a more important role that 'racing'. That said this is not a Destruction Derby, although many Banger meetings do end with one.

Classes include;-National Bangers,2 Litre Bangers,Rookie Bangers

Banger racing

External links

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