Quadrilateral group

Quadrilateral group

The Quadrilateral group or the Quad is an informal group which includes the trade ministers of the European Commission, the United States, Japan and Canada. It was first suggested during a private meeting during the 7th G7 summit in July 1981. Initially, a trilateral group was proposed (excluding Canada) because of tensions between the two North American countries at the time but eventually, the Canadian government successfully lobbied to be included.cite book|last=Cohn|first=Theodore H.|title=Governing Global Trade: International institutions in conflict and convergence|publisher=Ashgate Publishing Limited|location=Hampshire, England|date=2002|isbn=0754615936] The European Commission has avoided formalizing the group because of resistance from certain European Union members, particularly France, who resent their lack of direct involvement.

Quadrilateral Meetings of Trade Ministers

ee also

*Group of 8
*Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
*European Commissioner for Trade
*Minister of International Trade (Canada)
*Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan)
*Office of the United States Trade Representative

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