An announcer is a voice actor who works in television, radio or film, usually providing narrations, news updates, station identification, or an introduction of a product in television commercials or a guest on a talk show.

Announcers usually read prepared scripts, but in some cases, they have to ad-lib commentary on the air when presenting news, sports, weather, time, and commercials. Occasionally, announcers are also involved in writing the script when one is required. Sometimes announcers also interview guests and moderate panels or discussions. Some provide commentary for the audience during sporting events, parades, and other events.

The term also applies to public address announcers, usually at sporting venues. Such announcers will give the spectators information about a player, score (such as a goal or touchdown), infraction, or the results of the event. These announcers may be specialized according to sport; for instance, an horse race announcer provides a rapid-fire second-by-second account of the race (as well as introducing the entries before the race), while a baseball announcer may simply introduce the next batter or recap the previous half-inning. Public address announcers may be notable due to their longevity, or tenure with a popular team or venue. Some, particularly in horse racing, may also be known for television or radio work.

Notable radio and television announcers in English-speaking countries

Notable radio and television announcers in Japan

*Tomoyo Shibata
*Maasa Takahashi

Notable public address announcers in the United States

* Pete Arbogast, Los Angeles Dodgers (1990-92)
* Michael Buffer, boxing
* Chic Anderson, horse racing (best known for work at Belmont Park)
* Alex Anthony, New York Jets and New York Mets
* Dan Baker, Philadelphia Phillies
* Kyle Speller, Denver Nuggets
* Carl Beane, Boston Red Sox
* Renel Brooks-Moon, San Francisco Giants
* Alan Roach, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies and Denver Broncos
* Reed Saunders, Colorado Rockies
* Alan Cass, Denver Broncos (1988-2007}
* Tom Carnegie, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1946-2006; Indiana high school basketball announcer
* Mike Carlucci, Los Angeles Dodgers (1993-2002), Anaheim Ducks (1993-97,2007-), Summer Olympics' Baseball Announcer (Greece 2004), (Beijing 2008) Winter Olympics' Hockey Announcer (Salt Lake 2002), (Torino 2006), (Vancouver 2010)
*Bob Casey (baseball announcer)
* Joe Tolleson, New York Rangers
* Ray Clay, Chicago Bulls
* David Courtney Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
* Tim DeBacco, Pittsburgh Pirates
* Casey Motter Atlanta Braves
* Mike "The Duke" Donegan, Tennessee Titans
* Tom Durkin, horse racing
* Dick Sanford, Florida Marlins
* Lilian Garcia Leading World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announcer currently announcing on "WWE Raw"
* John Heffernan, New York Rangers and New York Knicks
* John Barbaro, Pittsburgh Penguins
* Gene Honda, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, DePaul University, NCAA Final Four, and Chicago PBS WTTW
* Tom Hutyler, Seattle Mariners
* Dave Johnson, horse racing
* Budd Lynch, Detroit Red Wings
* Marshall Mann, former Atlanta Braves P.A. announcer
* John Mason, Detroit Pistons
* Wayne Messmer, Chicago Cubs
* Olivier Sedra, Cleveland Cavaliers
* Bob Sheppard, New York Yankees and New York Giants football team
*Rajesh Maingi, Body-building
* Jack Lightcap, New York Mets
* Roy Steele, Oakland Athletics
* Lawrence Tanter, Los Angeles Lakers
* Carl Martin, New York Rangers and New Jersey Nets
* Martin Glickman, (sports announcer)
* Halsey Hall, Minnesota Twins
* Sherm Feller, Boston Red Sox
* Dan Jukich, Hastings Racecourse, horse racing

ee also

*Continuity announcer
*Announcer's test
*Disc jockey
*News anchor

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