New Year's Day (Fear Itself episode)

New Year's Day (Fear Itself episode)

Infobox Television episode
Title = New Year's Day
Series = Fear Itself

Caption =
Season = 01
Episode = 06
Airdate = July 17, 2008
Production =
Writer =Steve Niles
Ben Sokolowski
Director = Darren Lynn Bousman
Guests =
Episode list =
Prev = Eater
Next = Community

"New Year´s Day" is the sixth episode of the NBC horror anthology "Fear Itself".


Briana Evigan plays Helen, a young woman who wakes up with a hangover on New Year's Day. Alarms are going off all over the city. It is soon revealed that a cataclysmic event at a local chemical plant has turned a large part of the population into zombies. Gradually as she wanders the city, Helen's memory of the previous night returns. Hoping to distract her from the recent death of her brother, roommate Eddie took her out to a New Year's Eve party thrown by James, a man to whom Helen is attracted. At the party, Helen finds Christie, whom she has lost contact with since the death of her brother. Helen tells her that she's her best friend and the only person at the party who truly cares for the way she is. Later, during the night, she remembers talking to James and telling him that she loves him, based on mistaken information that she received from Eddie. It turns out that Eddie, not James, is in love with Helen, and in her confusion about her feelings for him, she searches out James, whom she finds making out with Christie. Helen remembers this last part of the party the next morning. She has survived the night and has finally made it to James' apartment. She breaks down the door to find Christie screaming. James then shoots her in the back while she's trying to talk to a frightened Christie. It is then revealed that, in despair, Helen committed suicide after the New Year's Eve party. She has been a zombie the entire night and all of her attempts to communicate with people have been thwarted because she isn't actually speaking English anymore, just zombie-like grunts and groans. In love, Eddie (as a zombie) has been following her the entire night. After he kills James, they hold hands and unite and appear to speak in the zombie grunts and groans about what to do with Christie. As they approach to eat Christie, the episode's "film" dissolves and fades to black and the episode ends as a zombie version of "Happily Ever After."


*Briana Evigan as as Helen
*Cory Monteith as James
*Niall Matter as Eddie
*Zulay Henao as Christie
*Maria van Steenoven as Sickly Woman
*Paula Humby as Teen #2
*Kirklin Maclise as Teen 2

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