The Batman Chronicles (trade paperback)

The Batman Chronicles (trade paperback)

Art by Bob Kane.
publisher=DC Comics
creators=Bob Kane

"The Batman Chronicles" is a series of trade paperbacks from DC Comics, intended to reprint all Batman stories chronologically (based on publication date), starting with his earliest appearances. Five volumes have been published to date, with sixth and seventh volumes announced.

*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume One" collects material from: "Detective Comics" # 27-38 and "Batman" #1.
*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume Two" collects material from: "Detective Comics" #39-45, "Batman" #2-3 and "New York World's Fair Comics" 1940 issue.
*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume Three" collects material from: "Detective Comics" #46-50, "Batman" #4-5 and "World's Best Comics" #1.
*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume Four" collects material from: "Detective Comics" # 51-56, "World's Finest Comics" #2-3 and "Batman" #6-7.
*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume Five" collects material from: "Detective Comics" # 57-61, "World's Finest Comics" #4 and "Batman" #8-9.
*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume Six" collects material from: "Detective Comics" # 62-66, "World's Finest Comics" #5-6 and "Batman" #10-11. Scheduled to be released October 2008.
*"The Batman Chronicles: Volume Seven". Collected material has not been announced. Scheduled to be released March 2009.

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