Biometrics (single)

Biometrics (single)

Infobox Single
Name = Biometrics

Artist = Death In Public
from Album =
B-side(s) = "Motion Sickness"
Released = December 24th 2007
Format = CD,
Recorded = 2007
Genre = Indie rock
Shoegaze Post-rock
Length = 9.28 (Overall)
Label = RU Records
Writer = Death In Public
Producer = Julian Dicken
Certification =
Last single = "Start a Fight"
This single = "I Really Hate Coldplay"
Next single = "Biometrics"
Misc =
Album =
Type = studio

"Biometrics w/b Motion Sickness" is the third single from British band Death In Public. It was released in the UK by RU Records on December 24th, 2007.

It received many positive reviews from many online webzines and websites, and is arguably their most well received single to date [ [ Death In Public Press Archive] ] .

Steve Lamacq aired the track on his BBC Radio 1 show in January 2008 [ [ Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1 Tracklisting Jan 7th 2007] ] , comparing the bands sound to that of My Bloody Valentine and giving the band their first major national radio coverage.


As the band did not have a drummer when this single was recorded, the drum parts were instead played by singer and guitarist Julian Dicken.

The single was recorded, mixed and produced by the bands themsleves at the Musicians Co-op in Lancaster.


CD: RU Records / RUR005 (UK)

# "Biometrics" (3.05)
# "Motion Sickness" (6.21)


* [ Rock Midgets review of 'Biometrics'] by Mitch Bain
* [ Room Thirteen review of 'Biometircs'] by Tara Couper
* [ Floatation Suite review of 'Biometircs'] by Stuie Buchanan


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