Bible translations (Catalan)

Bible translations (Catalan)

The first complete Catalan bible translation was produced between by the Catholic Church, between 1287 and 1290. It was entrusted to Jaume de Montjuich by Alfons II of Aragon. Remains of this version can be found in Paris ("Bibliothèque Nationale"). Also, in the same French library, we can find another translation into Catalan, which Jaume II of Aragon received on November 23rd, 1319.Fact|date=November 2007

In the early fifteenth century appeared another whole Bible translation by Bonifaci Ferrer. In 1490 a psalter by Joan Roís de Corella came to light in Venice. The Catalan Bible by Bonifaci Ferrer was printed before any Bible was printed in English or Spanish, in 1478.Fact|date=November 2007

The prohibition, in Spain and other Catholic countries, of vernacular translations, along with the decline of the Catalan language until its renaissance in the nineteenth century, explains why there were no translations into Catalan from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.cite web | title=The Bible in the Renaissance - William Tyndale| publisher=Dom Henry Wansbrough | url=]

In 1832 a Catalan exiled in London, J.M. Prat Colom, sponsored by the British and Foreign Bible Society, translated the New Testament ("Lo Nou Testament de nostre Senyor Jesu-Christ"), which was published afterwards in Barcelona (1836) and Madrid (1888).Fact|date=November 2007

20th century to present

In the twentieth century many new translations flourished, both Catholic and Protestant.

Catholic translations

*1948 "Bíblia de Cambó", by Fundació Bíblica Catalana; started in 1927
*1968 "Bíblia de Cambó, 2nd Edition": a new translation, reprinted some times
*1970 "Bíblia dels Monjos de Montserrat": by the Monks of Montserrat, started in 1926. Other editions based on it have been published, with some textual variationsFact|date=November 2007

Protestant translations

*1988 "Nou Testament": the New Testament, by the Institució Bíblica Evangèlica de Catalunya, with the help of the International Bible Society
*2000 "Bíblia Evangèlica Catalana" (BEC); also "La Bíblia del 2000": by Pau Sais and Samuel Sais of the Institució Bíblica Evangèlica de Catalunya

Ecumenical translation

For the Ecumenical translation, Catholic and Protestant translators worked together. However, there are two editions: a Catholic edition with the deuterocanonical books and a Protestant edition without.

*1993 "Bíblia Catalana Interconfessional" (BCI), by Associació Bíblica de Catalunya, Editorial Claret, and Societats Bíbliques Unides



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* [ La Biblia del 2000]
* [ La Bíblia a Internet]

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