Kenai River Campus Student Union

Kenai River Campus Student Union

The Kenai River Campus Student Union islocated at the Kenai River Campus Branch (Soldotna, Alaska) of the Kenai Peninsula College, University of Alaska.

According to the The Kenai River Campus Student Union (KRCSU) websitecite web |url= |title= Kenai Peninsula College University of Alaska|accessdate=2008-07-11 The KRCSU represents the KRC student body statewide with the UA Coalition of Student Leaders, advocating for students on campus and within the UA system, and is available and eager to carry the student voice to the community. Student fees support the student union, and activities are coordinated and held to enrich campus life. Monthly and seasonal events are organized for the enjoyment of all students, ID cards are issued through this office, fund raisers for scholarships and legislative action are held, and Student Union officers coordinate community wide student discount programs. Students are encouraged to get involved as a representative, to bring their questions and ideas to the student body and supplement their education by being involved.


On Campus

In an open [Marshall-Closson: "Welcome to KRCSU", page 1. KRCSU Transition Book, 2006.] letter to KRCSU officers it states;

"The role of the Student Union on the Kenai River Campus is complex. Your decision to be involved and a member of a dynamic team shows that you are ready for the challenges of Student Government. The Kenai River Campus has a diverse and wide-ranging student population. Many of our students are non-traditional, with a median age of 30. Most of our students are part time with only about 300-400 full time students. Your main job is to serve EACH student to the best of your abilities. The Kenai River Campus Student Union Mission Statement is as follows;

"The purpose of the Kenai River Campus Student Union is to supplement and complement the educational process at the Kenai River Campus; to provide for the expression of student opinion and interest to the community at large; to protect student rights; and to promote an understanding of the concept of self-governance. [Kenai River Student Union Constitution. Article One, Section Two "Mission Statement"" 2008.] ."

Dedicating yourselves to ascertaining and promoting the needs, general welfare, and rights of students as they pertain to the student educational experience, will be a focus of your time spent in the Student Union. Assisting in obtaining the resources necessary to promote these values is simpler. Indeed you might be surprised at how available these resources are to you and the students we serve.

You are more than pizza servers and vending machine fillers. You are the expression of the voices of our students, the eyes and ears of the students to faculty, administration and the community at large. You serve the students, and yourself, because you know you can make a difference.

Although each Officer position within the Student Union has unique job descriptions, all of them are patterned after the Mission Statement. You have already decided that you can fulfill the requirements of the job position, but you will discover that the process is ever changing and dynamic and it will at times satisfy you in turn. You will learn many new skills and bring many new ideas to this job, and your freshness and excitement are welcome."

Campus Clubs

Campus clubs are formed to provide opportunities for students with various interests to come together to discuss and share information in different academic disciplines and career fields, and promote a sense of community, solidarity, and support for each other through various means. Students in KPC clubs share in a common interest and use the club as a vehicle to come together and promote those interests.

In order for a campus club to be formed, a formal process must be completed through the KRC Student Union. The recognition of a campus club extends to them the privilege of identification with KPC/UAA and the use of institutional facilities. Recognition of a campus club does not mean that KPC/UAA supports or adheres to the views held or to positions taken by the club. Responsibility for any actions which violate federal, state or local laws must be assumed by the club itself [ KRC Campus Clubs] .

Current Clubs

*Anthropology Club (inactive)
*Art Student League Association (ASLA)
**Critical Eye (ASLA sub-club)
*KRC Chess Club (inactive)
*KPC Media Group
**1d6 Damage; Club (KPCMG sub-club)
**KRC On Stage (KPCMG sub-club)
*Phi Theta Kappa
*Psychology Club
*KRC Academically Committed to Service (ACTS) (inactive)


KRCSU organizes and hosts many events throughout the academic year. Including;

*New student orientation tours/information
*Blood drives
*Community welcome comedy/music concerts
*Monthly food events
*Voting drives
*Open-mic nights
*Holiday engagement events
*Spirit Week events
*Coordinating community student discounts
*Community dialogues "town square" formats
*On-campus movie nights

Off Campus

*Statewide leadership via [ Coalition of Student Leaders]
**Communicating the needs and concerns of KRC to the Coalition and, through the Coalition, to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE), Board of Regents, State Legislature, and other bodies that make decisions affecting students across the state.
*Leadership development
*Legislative affairs
**Annual Legislative Affairs conference, Juneau, Alaska
**Local city & borough political affairs

Organization of the KRCSU

Hierarchy of the KRCSU, per KRCSU Constitution
[ Board of Regents, University of Alaska]
[ President, University of Alaska]
[ Chancellor, Univeristy of Alaska Anchorage]
[ Kenai Peninsula College Director]
[ Advisor/s to Student Union]

President of Student Union, "member" [ Coalition of Student Leaders]
Vice-President of Finance
Production Officer
Communications Officer
Commerce Officer, "chair" [ KRC Club] Council

*KRCSU weekly meetings adhere to Alaska State [ Open Meetings Act]
*KRCSU meetings adhere to Robert's Rules of Order [Kenai River Student Union Constitution. Article Eight, Section One, "Rules of Order"" 2008. ] , as its parliamentary authority

List of Presidents by Year

2008-2009 - Ruth Griess
2007-2008 - Todd Marshall-Closson, [ "chair" System Governance Council]
2006-2007 - Danielle Pettijohn
2005-2006 - Todd Marshall-Closson, "speaker" Coalition of Student Leaders
2004-2005 - Todd Marshall-Closson
2003-2004 - Lisa Greenleaf
2002-2003 - Lisa Greenleaf
(questionable information prior to 2003. The following information may be disputed as it's reliability is unclear.)

1998-1999 - Janet Dormady
1983-1984 - Michael Beck (as Governance Director)
1982-1983 - Michael Beck
1980-1981 - Darrell Humphrey


Student Activity Fee $3.25 (as of 2008) per credit hour up to a maximum of $39 per semester is assessed students enrolling in one or more credits to support student-related activities.

ee Also

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Alaskan Coalition of Student Leaders


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