The Residency, Penang

The Residency, Penang

The Residency in George Town, Penang, now formally named "Seri Mutiara", is the official residence of the "Yang di-Pertua Negeri" (Governor) of Penang.

Situated in 26 acres of gardens bounded by Western Road to the north and York Road to the south, the Residency was built in 1890, at a cost of $ 81,173.00. Designed by Major Sir Maurice Cameron, its first occupant was A. M. Skinner, the sixth Resident Councillor of Penang. The dining room of the Residency is equipped with a punkah suspended from the ceiling, which is operated by a rope pulley.

The Residency served as the official residence of the highest-ranking British officer in Penang until Independence in 1957, when it became the official residence of the Governor of Penang. The Residency was later renamed "Seri Mutiara", but is still usually known as The Residency, and the main entrance is approached by Residency Road.

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