Characteristic function

Characteristic function

In mathematics, characteristic function can refer to any of several distinct concepts:

  • The most common and universal usage is as a synonym for indicator function, that is the function
\mathbf{1}_A: X \to \{0, 1\}
which for every subset A of X, has value 1 at points of A and 0 at points of X − A.
  • In probability theory, the characteristic function (probability theory) of any probability distribution on the real line is given by the following formula, where X is any random variable with the distribution in question:
\varphi_X(t) = \operatorname{E}\left(e^{itX}\right)\,
where E means expected value. This concept extends to multivariate distributions.
\chi_{A} (x) := \begin{cases} 0, & x \in A; \\ + \infty, & x \not \in A. \end{cases}

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