Iosif Prut

Iosif Prut

Iosif Leonidovich Prut _ru. Прут, Иосиф Леонидович (1900–1996) was a Russian playwright and the first Soviet screenwriter, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1983).


Iosif Prut was born on November 18, 1900 in the city of Taganrog, Russia. In early childhood diagnosed with acute tuberculosis and was sent by his parents to Switzerland. After returning several times to Taganrog and studying for a while at a Rostov on Don gymnasium, he moved to Switzerland for permanent residence in 1914. In 1918 he graduated from the Ecole Nouvelle in Chailly near Lausanne, and entered the École Polytechnique in Paris, but quit and volunteered to serve in the Russian army's expedition corpse. Iosif Prut was decorated with a Transfiguration cross.

After returning to Russia, he participated in the Russian Civil War within the 1st Cavalry Army (Soviet Union) under command of Semyon Budyonny, was in command of a platoon within the 36th regiment of the 6th Cavalry Caucasus division.

Iosif Prut moved to Moscow in 1922.

For the first time Prut wrote for a Red army gazette in 1919. Most playwrights were dedicated to the Soviet Army and were staged at the Red Army Theater.

Prut worked for the Mezhrabpom-Rus(Межрабпом-Русь) film studio in 1924-1928, and for Lenfilm in 1928-1932.

During the Great Patriotic War, he served at a mobile tank-repairing factory, later headed the club of the 222nd Smolensk Red-Banner Rifle Division (222 Смоленская Краснознаменная стрелковая дивизия), participated in several reconnaissance raid in the enemy rear. Awarded with a Medal for Combat Service.

Iosif Prut died in Brest on July 16, 1996.

Bibliography (plays)

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* 1932 — Для вас найдется работа, with Ильей Траубергом
* 1937 — Тринадцать, with Михаилом Роммом
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* 1938 — Пограничная застава
* 1939 — Эскадрилья № 5
* 1940 — Моя любовь
* 1942 — Секретарь райкома
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* 1943 — Одна семья (фильм на экраны не вышел) — совм. со Львом Вайсенбергом и М. Джалалом
* 1948 — Мальчик с окраины, совм. с В. Кожевниковым
* 1950 — В мирные дни (фильм)">В мирные дни

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* 1964 — Ждите нас на рассвете — совм. с Э. Лотяну
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* 1967 — Чернушка, совм. с Ш. Махмудбековым
* 1969 — Взрыв после полуночи, совм. с Э. Карамяном
* 1970 — «Совесть заела»
* 1973 — За час до рассвета

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* [ И.Л. Прут на сайте «Культура России»]

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