Walthard cell rest

Walthard cell rest

Walthard cell rests; sometimes called Walthard cell nests, are an accumulation of epithelial cells most commonly found in the peritoneum of the Fallopian tubes, but also seen in the mesovarium, mesosalpinx and ovarian hilus. They appear as white/yellow cysts or nodules that can reach a size of 2 milimeters. They are named after Swiss gynecologist Max Walthard (1867-1933), who provided a comprehensive description of them in 1903.

It has been suggested that these cell rests are the histogenetic origins of Brenner tumors. Due to the histological similitude of the epithelium of Walthard cell rests and Brenner tumors to the urothelium of the lower urinary tract, it has been proposed that Brenner tumors and Walthard cell rests signify urothelial differentiation within the female genital tract.


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