PLAY.FM is an web radio and online audio database for DJ and club culture. DJ sets, radio shows and live recordings are collected and can be listend to on-demand. The PLAY.FM studio and the office are located in the Museumsquartier in the 7th district of the city of Vienna, Austria.

Web radio and audio archive

The PLAY.FM audio database offers more than 10,000 recordings. Users can search the database by DJ, artist, label, club and event. The recordings run from 30 minutes to 9 hours in length and are streamed on-demand without interruption in CD quality sound. PLAY.FM counts more than 80,000 registered users from around the world. PLAY.FM was started in 2004 by owner Georg Hitzenberger.

The PLAY.FM online radio station broadcasts live from 8PM to 12AM in the PLAY.FM studios in quartier21 in the Museumsquartier Vienna. [ [ Museumsquartier Hompage] ] 150 Labels, Recordstores, event managers and DJs present their own radio shows on PLAY.FM; including Vienna Scientists, Cheap Records and Indigo Inc.

PLAY.FM is one of the business companies that has received funding from "departure" in 2008. [ [ Newsarticle] on "Vienna International"] "departure" is an initiative of the "City of Vienna" (an enterprise of the "Vienna Business Agency"), which supports entrepreneurs and company founders active in the field of the creative industries. [ [ departure press conference] . YouTube.]

Together with quartier 21, PLAY.FM is awarding two grants within the framework of an Artist-in-Residence [ [ Newsarticle] on "Vienna International"] programme. Two young international artists won a one-month stay in Vienna. In May 2008 Maik Loewen, from Cologne, [MySpace|maikloewen|Maik Loewen] visited the PLAY.FM-Team [ [ Maik Loewen Interview] . YouTube.] .

Recordings and artists

More than 10,000 live recordings are available from national and international clubs (Flex (Vienna), The Loft (Barcelona), Womb (Tokyo), Rothko (New York), Space (Ibiza)) and festivals (springfestival (Graz/at), Stereolize (Paris/fr) and Exit (Novi Sad/srb)). Well known DJs as well as newcomers can be found in the archive:

*DJ Hell
*Sven Väth
*Laurent Garnier
*Miss Kitten
*Princess Superstar
*Kid Koala
*Roots Manuva
*Ed Rush and Patife
*Carl Craig
*Ellen Allien
*Gilles Peterson
*Derrick May
*Marshall Jefferson
*Bob Sinclar
*Juan Atkins


External links

* [ PLAY.FM Homepage]
* [ PLAY.FM Blog]

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