Play may refer to:
* Play (activity), enjoyment by humans
* Play (animal behaviour)‎
* Play (theatre), structured literary form or theatre

In music

* Play 99.6 (radio), Jordan's No.1 Hit Music Radio Station
* Play (Mexican band) (or "Grupo Play"), Mexican band
* Play (Robyn song)
* Play (Swedish band), Swedish band
** Play (Play album), album by the Swedish band
* Play (Jennifer Lopez song)
* Play (David Banner song)
* Play (EP), extended play recording by Ride
* Play (Namie Amuro album)
* Play (Great Big Sea album)
* Play (Moby album)
* Play (Brad Paisley album)
* Play (S.H.E album)
* Play (Squeeze album)
* Christopher "Play" Martin, one-half of the hip hop duo Kid 'n Play
* Play! A Video Game Symphony, a symphony tour featuring video game music

In other arts and entertainment

* Play (TV series), a Canadian newsmagazine series
* Play (2000 film), directed by Anthony Minghella
* Play (play), written by Samuel Beckett
* Play (UK magazine), a UK PlayStation magazine
* Play (U.S. magazine), a U.S. games magazine
* Play (New York Times), a sports magazine from "The New York Times"
* Television play, television genre
* Wii Play, a video game released for the Wii video game console

In sports

* Play from scrimmage, an organized action as part of the game, in American and Canadian football
* The Play, a controversial and historic last second kickoff return for a touchdown in the 1982 Cal–Stanford 'Big Game'

In other uses

*, an online retail company
* Play (engineering), the amount of lost motion due to clearance or slackness between mating components when movement is reversed
* Petroleum play, the exploitation of oil reserves in a particular region, or the geological setting of those reserves
* Word play, literary and narrative technique
* Play Mobile, a Polish internet provider an mobile operator

ee also

* Player

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