Athyrium distentifolium

Athyrium distentifolium

name = Alpine Lady-fern

regnum = Plantae
divisio = Tracheobionta
classis = Pteridophyta
subclassis =
ordo = Athyriales
familia = Woodsiaceae
genus = "Athyrium"
species = "A. distentifolium"
binomial = "Athyrium distentifolium"
binomial_authority = Tausch ex Opiz

"Athyrium distentifolium" commonly known as Alpine Lady-fern is a fern found in widely in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is a common upland variety above 600 metres in the Highlands of Scotland, with more than 10% of the UK population being found in the Cairngorm mountains, especially on scree slopes in Glen Feshie, and on Ben Avon, Ben MacDui and Beinn a' Bhùird. Regarded as nationally scarce, it is a snow-tolerant species. The stunted form "var flexile", which is found at 750 metres and above, is found at only 4 sites and is endemic to Scotland. [Ratcliffe, Derek (1977) "Highland Flora". Inverness. HIDB. pp. 67 and 82.] [ Shaw, Philip and Thompson, Des (eds.) (2006) "The Nature of the Cairngorms: Diversity in a changing environment". Edinburgh. The Stationery Office. ISBN 0114973261. pp. 75 and 218-35.] [ "Species Action Plan: Newman's Lady Fern (Athyrium flexile)"] BAP. Retrieved 29 June 2008.]

The sub-species "americanum" is found in the western United States, Alaska, Canada and coastal Greenland. [ [ "Plants Profile: Athyrium americanum"] USDA Retrieved 24 June 2008.]


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