List of appearances of amnesia in fiction

List of appearances of amnesia in fiction

This is a list of appearances of amnesia in fiction.

* In "The Bourne Identity" (both the book and the movie), main character Jason Bourne has retrograde amnesia.
* In the comedy film, "Overboard", the main antagonist takes advantage of a wealthy woman with retrograde amnesia in an attempt to convince her she is his wife and mother of his children.
* In the novel "You Only Live Twice" James Bond develops amnesia after a head injury in Japan and does not recover until the following book, "The Man with the Golden Gun".
* In the novel by Sophie Kinsella, "Remember Me?", the main character, Lexi Smart has retrograde amnesia, and finds her life to be drastically different than she recalled.
* In the Marvel Comics series "X-Men", Wolverine, one of the main characters, has retrograde amenesia due to brainwashing.
* Anterograde amnesia features in the movies:
** "Memento"
** "Clean Slate"
** "Finding Nemo"
** "50 First Dates"
*In "Spider-Man 3", Harry Osborn loses a few years of memory after suffering head trauma.
* Lacunar amnesia features in the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".
* In the first season of "24", a prominent character has dissociative amnesia.
* In the first season of Lost, Claire Littleton is kidnapped and has amnesia upon returning.
* In season two of MacGyver, a narrow escape from a gang of international terrorists leaves Mac without his memories but with his ingenuity intact.
* The TV show "John Doe" is based on an amnesiac who mysteriously appears in the middle of a sea.
* In the TV show "Heroes", one of the characters nicknamed The Haitian, can cause various degrees of amnesia to others with his powers. His most notable victim is one of the main characters, Peter Petrelli, who, in the season 2 premiere, finds himself in a crate that travelled from New York to Ireland with no memory about how he got there or who he is.
* In the 1966 motion picture "Mr. Buddwing", the protagonist enters a fugue state in response to distress in his marital relationship.
* In the 2004 film "The Forgotten", adults struggle with memory loss about the existence of their children, who have been abducted for alien/government experiments.
* In an episode of Hey Arnold Helga gets amnesia from being hit on the head by a baseball caused by Arnold he takes care of her and she eventually gains her memory back but fakes it because she likes the attention.
* In season 4 of "Smallville", Clark Kent has his memory wiped in two separate episodes. In season 7 his cousin Kara also loses her memory.
* In Destination Moon, a part of Adventures of Tintin, Professor Calculus, for a brief period of time suffers from total amnesia, putting the project in trouble since only he knows how to make a moon-rocket.
* In Century Fox's animated film, Anastasia (1997), Anya suffers from amnesia as a result of having her head hit when trying to climb on train to escape to Paris with her grandmother as a young girl, and cannot recall the first eight years of her life.
* The American sitcom Samantha Who? (2007- ) begins with the main character having suffered retrograde amnesia as the result of an auto accident and the show revolves around events that made her remember her life before the accident.
* Dissociative Amnesia plays a critical role in the novel "Mysterious Skin" and movie of the same name.
* Author Gene Wolfe addresses amnesia in the series "Soldier of the Mist", where the main character Latro is injured during battle, causing relatively long term (24 hour) anterograde amnesia.
* In Japanese anime, amnesia is a common theme:
** "The Big O" is largely based on the premise of an entire city having lost their memory forty years prior.
** In both "Noir" and Madlax , the main characters Kirika Yuumura, Madlax and Margaret Burton lose their memory because the memories they had were too traumatic for them.
** In Sukisyo, the main characters experienced amnesia because their pasts involve betraying someone dear to them.
** In Loveless, the main character has no memories of the first ten or so years of his life and never regains them.
** In Utawarerumono the main character has no memory before the series begins. He does not exactly get them back, save for in short bursts, showing several past homicides. These endeavors, with time, become accepted.
** In Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Trowa Barton, pilot of XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms suffers from amnesia for a brief period after he destroys his gundam during a fight against a deranged Quatre Winner who was piloting and under the influence of XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero at the time.
** In Spirited Away, the character Haku forgot everything about his life as a river spirit, along with his name, which restricted his freedom.
** In Pokemon, Ash Ketchum's Pikachu has amnesia in "A Scare To Remember", but regains its memory near the end of the episode.
** In the fourth movie of Detective Conan, Mouri Ran has repressed memory after seeing her policewoman friend nearly killed, and she blamed herself.
*In the Japanese Drama, Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers), the main character, Domyouji, has amnesia in the second season.
* In the RPG "Knights of the Old Republic" global amnesia fits prominently into a midgame plot twist.
* In "", Bowser gets amnesia.
* In the "Sonic the Hedgehog series", Shadow the Hedgehog suffered for a time from amnesia after being found alive in a stasis, having no memory of his past.
* In the film Regarding Henry, Harrison Ford's character Henry Turner suffers from severe retrograde amnesia, and must relearn everything about his life, including basic motor functions.
* In the computer game NetHack, if the player's character reads a scroll of amnesia, the character forgets the layout of the current dungeon level, as well as possibly the layouts of other dungeon levels and even object identifications that have been made.
* In the Nintendo DS game The World Ends With You, the character Neku forgets all information about himself besides his name. After completing the first week of the game, Neku will regain his memory, but will still be missing the memory of how he died.
* In the Nintendo DS game Rune Factory, the main character has amnesia.
* In The Middleman episode "The Sino-Mexican Revelation" a guest character, Tyler, gets hit in the head after fighting Luchadors and ends up suffering Two-Day Amnesia from the event.
* In the RPG Final Fantasy VI, the main character, Terra, has retrograde amnesia as a result of wearing a Slave Crown throughout her life - she remembers only her name, and nothing of her past.
* In Futurama, many characters of the daytime soap All My Circuits suffer from many kinds of amnesia, including explosive amnesia.
* "Total Recall"
* "Paycheck"
* "Spider Forest"
* "Dead Again"
* "A Very Long Engagement"
* "Coronet Blue"
* "The Butterfly Effect"
* "A Man Called Shenandoah"
* "50 First Dates"
* "The Majestic"
* "The Long Kiss Goodnight"
* "Spellbound"
* ""
* "Mirage", a 1965 film starring Gregory Peck
* "XIII"
* "I Love You Again" (1940)
* "Life On Mars" (2006/2007)
* "24 (TV series)", Season 6
* "Metal Gear Acid 2
* "Smallville (season 4)", Season 4
* "Manhunt 2"
* "Mulholland Dr."
* "Cloud Strife"
* "Tom Horton, Jr."

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