Will to Power (band)

Will to Power (band)

Will to Power is an American dance music group led by music producer, remixer, and DJ Bob Rosenberg. The group had several chart hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s, most notably 1988's "Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley (Free Baby)", a medley of Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird", which was a "Billboard" #1 hit in 1988. [Bronson, Fred (2003). "The Billboard Book of #1 Hits", 5th Edition (Billboard Publications)] Will to Power also released a cover version of 10cc's 1970s song, "I'm Not in Love" which peaked at #7 on the Hot 100 in January 1991.


In 1985, Rosenberg was working at Miami's newly-formed dance music radio station "Hot 105" as one of the nation's first "On Air" radio-mix DJs. Rosenberg also produced remixes and s of different hits which became popular in their own right on the station. He was hired by 2 Live Crew to provide cuts for their "Miami Bass" album, billed as "King of the Edits."

According to Yahoo Music [http://music.yahoo.com/ar-269360-biography--Will-To-Power] , In 1987, Rosenberg joined with Dr. J and Maria Mendez under the first Will to Power lineup. Their first effort, "Dreamin'" became a popular regional dance song of that summer.It quickly climbed the charts on radio stations such as New York City's Hot 103, San Francisco's KMEL, and Miami's Power 96 (where it became the number-one song of the year staying in the top five for over thirty weeks). Power 96's Program Director, Bill Tanner, stated that "Dreamin" was the biggest pop song in South Florida history (at that time)

Bill Tanner also stated on "Vintage_SoFla_Radio@yahoogroups.com":

It was amazing to work with Bob Rosenberg, a very talented artist who also had a great sense of what played well on the radio. His "mixes" for Hot 105 were always at the top of every research list, and continued to be for years later at Power 96. With his "Will to Power" music, but before that, with his song mixes, Bob left a major, indelible stamp on South Florida's radio and music scene.

BTW, "Dreamin'" would have been a #1 national hit if CBS hadn't blown the promotion of it. Huge, memorable record.

Bill Tanner

On the same forum, Jeff Lemlich of Limestone Records states:

Dreamin'" may have been the biggest local record of all-time -- and that includes all the great 1965-70 local hits such as "Girl I Got News For You" (1 week at #1) and "Stoned Cowboy" (3 weeks at #1). Certainly it's the only one that was designated as the #1 song of the year on a year-end survey.

Bob, I know the record was dedicated to Robin... but did her tragedy also inspire the writing of the song?

Jeff Lemlichhttp://www.limestonerecords.com

In addition to "Dreamin'", their debut album "Will To Power" included their two number-one hits on the Hot Dance Club Play chart: 1988's "Say It's Gonna Rain" [ [http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/esearch/chart_display.jsp?cfi=359&cfgn=Singles&cfn=Hot+Dance+Club+Play&ci=3007560&cdi=6374098&cid=08%2F27%2F1988 Hot Dance Club Play chart data for "Say It's Gonna Rain" from billboard.com] ] and 1989's "Fading Away", [ [http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/esearch/chart_display.jsp?cfi=359&cfgn=Singles&cfn=Hot+Dance+Club+Play&ci=3008057&cdi=6401107&cid=02%2F25%2F1989 Hot Dance Club Play chart data for "Fading Away" from billboard.com] ] both of which remained at #1 on this chart for two weeks. Ironically, it was a ballad tacked onto the album, "Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley", that became their most successful single.

According to Fred Bronson's 5th edition of "The Billboard Book of #1 Hits", published in 2003, on page 715, singer and songwriter Suzi Carr was a member of Will to Power at the time "Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley" hit #1 on the US pop chart; she sang lead vocals on "Say It's Gonna Rain" and backing vocals on "Dreamin'". By 1990's "Journey Home", Will To Power was a duo consisting of Rosenberg and vocalist Elin Michaels. "Journey Home" got Billboard Magazine's highest rating on their review list for the week of January 7, 1991. The album produced a Top 10 hit with another ballad, a remake of 10cc's "I'm Not in Love." The follow-up single was a remake of the disco hit "Boogie Nights." Epic Records and Bob Rosenberg had artistic differences so Rosenberg walked away from the project and the music industry in general for a hiatus of 12 years.

Will to Power are heavily featured in "The Accidental Evolution of Rock 'n' Roll" by music reviewer Chuck Eddy, who was head of music reviews at The Village Voice and Billboard Magazine. Chuck Eddy names "Journey Home" as "what might end up" his favorite track of the 1990s. "(Page 274)"Will to Power" - "Journey Home" 1990. Title track of what might end up my favorite track of the 90's. "Journey Home", Bob Rosenberg says - He's got to keep his motor running, but not only can you feel the machines momentum running (in the rhythm) you can also feel storm clouds settling in (in the voices) the words detail the final leg of a car trip you're sick of. A woman tells him there's no turning back. "No turning back, time's a wastin'"; Rosenberg shifts them gears."

Rosenberg went back into the studio in 2004, and in 2005 released "Spirit Warrior" on Straight Blast Records. Rosenberg called on such contributors as singers Gioia Bruno (of Exposé), Donna Allen, Siddy Betancourt, sax player Ed Calle, and guitarist Gary King. The first dance single was a medley of "Spirit Warrior" and the Will to Power version of Gil Scott-Heron's "The Bottle." Another single was "Dreamin' (Again)," with Bruno on vocals and Rosenberg performing a laid back rap. This release went to Number One within 4 weeks on the industry magazine, "DJ Times" Dance Chart and also on most Record Pool and club charts in 2005. Although the song was not promoted or released to radio it went to #1 for 2 weeks on notable dance station, WMPH.

In March 2006, renowned dance remixer/producer Giuseppe D. provided remixes for Will To Power's "Spirit Warrior - The Remixes" EP.

The current incarnation of Will to Power features Rosenberg with Kristy Kay who has had Dance hits on her own, most notably a remake of the classic Divinyls track "I Touch Myself" with Lenny B and Siddy Betancourt.

In January 2008, Will to Power will release a new CD which goes in an "Electro Bass" direction. Scratch D of Dynamix II and DJ B Minus are assisting Bob Rosenberg in all phases of production as well as mixing.


*Took their name from a work of Friedrich Nietzsche. A copy of the book can be seen in the "Free Baby" music video.
*Bob Rosenberg has been an avid martial artist since 1973 training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Southern Praying Mantis, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenpo and Tai Chi Chuan.
*Bob Rosenberg's mother is Gloria Mann, a pop singer.



*"Dreamin'" 1987 Epic Records (#1 12" Sales)
*"Say It's Gonna Rain" 1988 Epic Records (#1 US Hot Dance Club Play)
*"Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley (Free Baby)" 1988 Epic Records (#1 US Pop)
*"Fading Away" 1989 Epic Records (#1 US Hot Dance Club Play)
*"I'm Not in Love" 1990 Epic Records (#7 US Pop)
*"Boogie Nights" 1991 Epic Records
*"Spirit in the Bottle" 2005 Straight Blast Records
*"Dreamin' (again)" 2005 Straight Blast Records


*"Will to Power" 1988 Epic Records
*"Journey Home" 1990 CBS Records
*"Love Power" 1996 Sony Music Special Products
*"Spirit Warrior" 2005 Straight Blast Records

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* [http://willtopower.net/ Will to Power official website]
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