Power may refer to

*any ability to effect change;political or social
* Power (philosophy)
** Political power, power held by a person or group in a country's political system
** Reserve power, a power exercised by a head of state in certain exceptional circumstances
** Power in international relations, the ability of national states to influence or control other states, which may be distinguished as:
***see also, Historical powers, Middle power, Regional power, Great power, Superpower, Hyperpower
** Power (communication), power in interpersonal communication
*Economic power, no agreed-upon definition
**Purchasing power, the amount of goods and services a given amount of money can buy
**Monopoly power, the ability to set the price of a good sold.
*Will to Power, a prominent concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche
*Great Power
* Judicial power
* Executive power

;in science
* Power (physics), the amount of work done or energy transferred per unit of time.
** Human power is the amount of work a human does in a period of time.
** Motive power is power which moves something, such as output of a motor
** AC power in electrical engineering is the complex form of power
** Optical power of a lens is the inverse of its focal length
** Effective radiated power in radio telecommunications is a measure of radio station antennas
** Electric power generation is the process of converting any form of energy to electrical energy, as in:
*** power station
*** nuclear power
*** solar power
*** wind power
*** wave power
*** tidal power
*** geothermal power
*** hydropower;in mathematics
* Power of a number, commonly written in the form e.g. "x""n": see exponentiation
* Statistical power is the probability that a statistical test will reject a false null hypothesis ;metaphysical
** Higher power, a spiritual concept prevalent in twelve-step programs
**a rank in angelology, see Celestial Hierarchy

* The Five Powers, in Buddhism

;electronics industry
* Computer performance, computing power

* Power, Montana, a town in the USA

;brands and titles
* IBM POWER, a microprocessor architecture
* POW-R Consortium, a group of companies responsible for an audio codec standard
** "Power" (film), a 1986 movie
** "The Power" (film), a 1968 film based on the novel

** Power ballad, a song genre
** Power metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music
** Power noise, a subgenre of industrial music
** "Pow R. Toc H.", a track by Pink Floyd
** Power (album), a 1986 album by the band Kansas
** Power (Ice T album), a 1988 album by rapper Ice-T
** "The Power" (Snap! song), a 1990 electronic pop song by Snap!
** Power (song), a song by German group Helloween
** Power (Lipps Inc song), a song by disco group Lipps Inc
** Power (Temptations song), a song by group Temptations
** "Power (Rainbow song)," a song performed by Rainbow, written by lead singer Joe Lynn Turner
** The Power (Vanessa Amorosi album), a 1999 album by Vanessa Amorosi
** The Power, a song by Manowar from the album Louder Than Hell

** The Power (novel), a 1956 novel by Frank M. Robinson
** "", a 1938 work by Bertrand Russell
**The Power of Five, a series of five books written by Anthony Horowitz
** Power (2004 novel), a 2004 fantasy novel written by J. A. Stiehl
** Power (play), a play written by Nick Dear
** "The 48 Laws of Power", a 1998 work by Robert Greene

** "Power!!", a manga album originally published in Japan now called "Girl Got Game"
** "Powers (comics)", a comic book series

** Powerball, a major United States lottery game

*"The Power" may refer to:
** Port Adelaide Football Club
** Phil Taylor, 13 times PDC World Darts Champion

ee also

* Superpower (ability), special abilities of superheroes
* Supernatural power, that cannot be explained with science or logic
*Powers (disambiguation)
*Powerpuff Girls
*Power Rangers
*Power supply
*List of comic book superpowers

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