List of disk magazines

List of disk magazines

This article contains a list of magazines distributed on cassette, floppy disk, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM — collectively referred to as "disk magazines" (or "diskmags").

Alphabetical list


* "7zone" (IBM-PC)


* "Alive" (Atari ST/Atari Falcon)
* "Amber" (IBM-PC, 1998–1999)
* "AnotherMag" (IBM-PC)
* "Apple Talk" (Apple)
* "Autark" (IBM-PC, 1996, English/German)


* "Bad News" (IBM-PC, 1994–1996, English/Polish)
* "Bain" (IBM-PC)
* "Batsch" (IBM-PC, 1999, German)
* "Beam" (IBM-PC, 1998–1999)
* "Becanne" (IBM-PC)
* "Belgian Scene Report" (IBM-PC)
* "Big Blue Disk", ISSN|0893-2212 (IBM PC, 1986–1991; relaunched as "On Disk Monthly" (q.v.))
* "Blackmail" (IBM-PC, 1993–1996, German)
* "Budyn" (IBM-PC, 1996–2001, Polish/English)


* "Caustic Verses" (IBM-PC)
* CD Gold (Commodore Amiga) Commercial release and first known CD-ROM based disk magazine for the Commodore Amiga; produced by Goldtech with editorial support from Infinite Frontiers
* "CD World" (Commodore Amiga) Titled dedidated to the Amiga CDTV, Amiga CD32 and Amiga CD-ROM systems; produced by Infinite Frontiers)
* "Cee-64 Alive!" (Commodore 64, relaunched as "Commodore Cee" (q.v.))
* "Ceibe" (IBM-PC, 1999–2000, Spain)
* "Cheese" (IBM-PC, 1996–1997)
* "Chromasette" (TRS-80 Color Computer)
* "CLI" (IBM-PC)
* "CLOAD" (TRS-80, 1978–?)
* "Commodore Cee" (all Commodore computers)
* "Commodore Gazette" (Commodore 64)
* "Commodore Online Information Network (COIN!)"
* "Contrast" (IBM-PC, 1994–1995)
* "CooleR" (IBM-PC)
* "Cows and Snakefights" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Cream" (IBM-PC)
* "CURSOR" (Commodore PET, 1978 to early 1980s)
* "Cursor 64" (Commodore 64, early 1980s)


*"Daskmig" (IBM-PC)
*"Death" (IBM-PC)
*"Defcon" (IBM-PC)
*"Demojournal" (IBM-PC)
*"DemoNews" (IBM-PC)
*"Digital Chat" (IBM-PC)
*"Digital Talk" (Commodore 64)
*"Disk" (Apple II, 1983; business-oriented)
*"Disk Busters Association (DBA) Diskmagazine" (Atari ST/Falcon 030, 1992-1996)
*"Diskazine" (Apple II, 1982; geared to families)
*"Disk Network" (Apple II, c. 1983; geared to programmers)
*"Diskworld" (ISSN|0899-4838) (Apple Macintosh, 1988–1993; relaunched as "Softdisk for Mac" (q.v.))
*"Domination" (Commodore 64)
*"Dragon" (IBM-PC)
*"Driven" (Commodore 64, 1994–1995)


*"El Afghano" (IBM-PC)
*"El Usuario" (IBM-PC; Latin American adaptation of Big Blue Disk)
*"Eurochart, The Official" (Commodore Amiga)
*"European Top 20" (Commodore Amiga, 1992–1993)
*"Evil" (IBM-PC)


*"Fatum" (IBM-PC)
* "Final Frontier, The" (Commodore Amiga) (First disk magazine dedicated solely to "Star Trek"; produced by Infinite Frontiers)
*"Flash" (IBM-PC)
*"Fleur" (IBM-PC)
*"Floppyland" (IBM PC, 1990s)
*"Fluxus" (Apple Macintosh Hypercard-based)


*"Gamer's Edge" (IBM PC, 1990–1991)
*"Gedan (disk magazine)" (Commodore Amiga, 1994-1995)
*"Generation" (Commodore Amiga)
*"Genetic Dreams" (Commodore 64, IBM-PC)
*"Grapevine" (Commodore Amiga, ?–1995)
*"GURU" (Commodore Amiga, ?–?)


* "Hacker" (IBM-PC, 1996–1999, Russian)
* "Harm" (Hellraiser's Alternative Russian Magazine) (IBM-PC)
* "Heroin" (IBM-PC, 1998, English)
* "Hoax" (IBM-PC, 1992–1995, English)
* "Hot-Mag" (IBM-PC, 1994–1995, German)
* "Hugi" (IBM PC, 1996–2008, English, German and Russian)
* "Hugi.GER" (IBM-PC, 2000–2005, German)
* "HugiNews" (IBM-PC, 1998–2000, English)
* "Hydrophobia" (IBM-PC, 1996–1997, Hungarian)


*"I.B.Magazette" (IBM PC, 1982–?)
*"Image" (IBM-PC)
*"Imazine" (Commodore Amiga)
*"Imphobia" (IBM PC)
*"Incube" (IBM-PC)
*"Infinity" (IBM-PC)
*"Insomnia" (Commodore Amiga)


*"Jurassic Pack" (Commodore Amiga)


*"Kelstar" (Atari)


*"Lano" (IBM-PC)
*"Legend" (IBM-PC)
*"Lookain Fanz" (IBM-PC)
*"Luna" (IBM-PC)
*"Launch" (Microsoft Windows, late 1990s - early 2000s)
*"Loadstar" (ISSN|0886-4144) (Commodore 64, 1984-present)
*"Loadstar 128" (Commodore 128)


* "The Mag" (IBM-PC)
* "Maggie" (Atari ST)
* "Maniac Magazine" (IBM-PC)
* "Marriage Connection" (IBM PC, 1989; computer-aided activities for married couples)
* "M*A*R*S" (IBM-PC)
* "McDisk" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Megazin" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Mentor (disk magazine)" (IBM PC, c. 1983; mostly support programs for business software)
* "MicroCode" (IBM-PC)
* "Microzine" (Apple II, c. 1983; geared to pre-teens)
* "Miggybyte" (Commodore Amiga, 1995 - 1997)


*"Nautilus" (Apple Macintosh)
*"New World Order" (IBM-PC)


*"Official Eurochart, The" (Commodore Amiga)
*"On Disk Monthly" (IBM PC, 1991–1993; relaunched as "Softdisk PC" (q.v.))
*"Ooze" (IBM-PC)


* "Pain" (IBM PC)
* "Parrot" (IBM-PC)
* "PC BusinessDisk" (IBM PC, 1990–1991)
* "PC Disk" (IBM PC, c. 1983; mostly business)
* "PC Disk Downunder" (ISSN|0117-2737) (IBM-PC; Australia/New Zealand adaptation of Big Blue Disk)
* "PC Life" (IBM PC, 1988)
* "Platinum" (IBM-PC, German)
* "Pressure" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Pornograffitti" (Commodore 64, 1992-? , Canada)
* "The Product" (IBM-PC)
* "Pulse" (IBM-PC)


*"(no magazines registered)"


*"RAW" (Commodore Amiga)
*"Reality Check Network" (IBM-PC)
*"Restless" (IBM-PC)
*"ROM" (Commodore Amiga)


* "Satanic Rites" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Savage" (IBM-PC)
* "Savage Charts" (IBM-PC)
* "Saxonia" (IBM-PC)
* "Scene Post, The" (IBM-PC)
* "scenedicate" (Dreamcast, 2005-present)
* "Scenial" (IBM-PC)
* "Schwugi" (IBM-PC)
* "Shine" (IBM-PC)
* "Showtime" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Sinner" (IBM-PC)
* "Skyline" (IBM-PC)
* "Slonecznik" (IBM-PC)
* "Smok" (IBM-PC)
* "Smurffi" (IBM-PC)
* "Sneaker" (IBM-PC)
* "Soap" (IBM-PC)
* "Softdisk" (ISSN|0886-4152) (Apple II, 1981–1995)
* "Softdisk for Mac" (Apple Macintosh, 1993–1998)
* "Softdisk for Windows" (Microsoft Windows, 1994–1999)
* "Softdisk G-S" (Apple IIgs, 1989–?)
* "Softdisk PC" (IBM PC, 1993–1998)
* "SoftSide" (various platforms, early 1980s; disk/cassette companion to paper magazine)
* "Speed" (Commodore Amiga)
* "Splash" (IBM-PC)
* "Static Line" (IBM-PC)
* "Stream CD-ROM Digizine" (IBM-PC)
* "Subkult" (IBM-PC)
* "Suicide" (IBM-PC, German)
* "Sunray" (IBM-PC)
* "Syntax Error" (IBM-PC)


* "TAP.MAG" (IBM-PC, 2000–2001, German)
* "Testimony of the Ancients" (IBM-PC)
* "The Final Frontier" (Commodore Amiga) (First disk magazine dedicated solely to "Star Trek"; produced by Infinite Frontiers)
* "The Mag" (IBM-PC)
* "The Official Eurochart" (Commodore Amiga)
* "The Product" (IBM-PC)
* "The Scene Post" (IBM-PC)
* "The Voice" (IBM-PC)
* "Total Disaster" (IBM-PC)
* "Totem" (IBM-PC)
* "Trip 2 Hell" (IBM-PC)
* "Trip!" (IBM-PC)


*"Undercover Magascene" (Atari ST) (merged with Alive Disk Magazine in 2000, but re-animated in 2001)
*"Upstream" (Commodore Amiga)
*"UpTime" (various platforms, 1984-1990)
*"Underground News" (Commodore 64 1990-1994 - Canada)


*"Vagina" (IBM-PC)
*"Vandalism"(Commodore 64)
*"Versus" (IBM-PC)
*"Vision" (Commodore 64, 1993–1996)
*"Vixel" (Commodore VIC-20, early 1980s)
*"Voice, The" (IBM-PC)
*"v.O.L.V.o" (IBM-PC)


* "What" (IBM-PC)
* "WildMag" (IBM-PC, 2000–2001, German)
* "Window" (Apple II, 1982; educational)
* "Worldcharts" (IBM-PC)
* "Wrotki" (IBM-PC)


*"X-Ray" (IBM-PC)


*"Yahoo" (IBM-PC)
*"Yonga" (IBM-PC)


* "Zeitenwanderer" (IBM-PC, German)
* "ZINE" (Amiga, IBM-PC from issue #12)

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*List of cassette magazines

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