Upright spin

Upright spin

The Upright spin is one of the three basic figure skating spin positions. It is defined as a spin position with an extended skating leg which is not a camel position. [PDFlink|1= [http://isu.sportcentric.net/db//files/serve.php?id=482 ISU Communication No. 1445] ] Two popular variations of the upright spin are the layback spin and Biellmann spin.


There are many variations on the upright spin.

*A basic two-foot spin is an upright spin in which the skater rotates with both feet on the ice.cite book |title=Figure Skating: Championship Techniques |last=Petkevich |first=John Misha |authorlink=John Misha Petkevich |coauthors= |year=1989 |publisher=Sports Illustrated |location= |isbn=1568000707 ]

*A basic one-foot spin is an upright spin in which the skater rotates with one foot on the ice. Spins can be skated on either of the feet.Citation
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*A scratch spin is an upright spin with the free leg crossed in front of the skating leg. The arms and free leg begin in an open position, extended straight out and high. They are pulled in gradually, which accelerates the spin, and the leg is pushed down so that the feet are crossed at the ankles. This spin is performed on a very tight backward inside edge.

*A back scratch is similar to the forward scratch spin, only performed on the opposite foot and on a tight backward outside edge. This is usually learned soon after the scratch spin is mastered, and is the basic air position for jumping.

*A crossfoot spin is a back upright spin in which the free leg is crossed behind the skating foot, or the front foot on a back upright is lowered and the spin becomes a two-footed spin.

*A layback spin is an upright spin in which the back is arched and head dropped back. A variation of this spin is the catch foot layback or haircutter, in which the skater grabs the free blade and pulls it toward their head while in the layback position.Citation
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*An attitude spinis a variation in which skater turns her head and looks to the side, instead of arching and looking up, while the free leg is held in attitude position as for a layback spin. The leg position is the feature of this variation.

*A Biellmann spin is a variation of the layback spin and performed by pulling the free leg from behind up and over the head. The blade of the skate may be held with either one or both hands. [Citation
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*"I" spins , or upright front-grab spins, are a variations in which tee skater pulls the free leg up in front of the body towards the face in a vertical split, creating an I position with the leg and the torso.

*A shotgun spin is a variation of the upright front-grab spins in which the free leg is held in a horizontal position. Fact|date=May 2007

*"Y" spins are variation in which a skater pulls the free leg up into a vertical split towards the side of the body, creating a Y shape with the leg and the torso. The support can be from either or both arms, and the hold can either be on the skate or the ankle.

Photo gallery of upright spins

In single skating

In pairs and ice dancing


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