Let Me Take Control

Let Me Take Control

Infobox Album
Name = Let Me Take Control
Type = Album
Artist = Keith Martin

Background =
Released = August 13th 2007
Recorded =
Genre = R'n'B
Length = 40 minutes
Label = Galaxy Records
Producer = Ramon Chuaying, William Lim
Reviews =
Last album = I'm Not Alone
This album = Let Me Take Control
Next album =

Let Me Take Control is a Keith Martin's album released on 13 August 2007 by Galaxy Records. The song "Lady" was released as a first single [ [http://muhammadreza.multiply.com/journal/item/38] Interwiew with Keith Martin by Muhammad Reza] . This album is Martin's third Filipino album.

Track listing

# Lady (Lyrics by: Lionel Ritchie) - 4:32
# Overloved (Lyrics by: Keith Martin and Diana S. Dayao) - 5:33
# We've Only Just Begun (Lyrics by: The Carpenters) - 3:16
# My Dream (Lyrics by: Keith Martin) - 5:02
# Compromise (Lyrics by: Courtney McBride and Keith Martin) - 4:30
# Forever (Lyrics by: Kenny Loggins) - 4:51
# Happy That Your'e Mine (Lyrics by: Keith Martin) - 3:54
# Let Me Take Control (Lyrics by: Keith Martin and Kowan Paul) - 3:57
# Because Of You (Live Acoustic) (Lyrics by: Keith Martin) - 4:08

Album credits

Executive Producers: Ramon Chuaying/ William Lim
All songs mixed and mastered by: Keith Martin
Overall creative and musical supervision by: Keith Martin

A&R Supervision: Mike Monsod
Photography: Xander Angeles
Cover Concept, Lay-out & Design: Keith Martin/Josef Laureano [ [http://www.titikpilipino.com/album/index.php?albumid=1425] Album information on TitikPilipino]


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