Olympia's Tour

Olympia's Tour
Olympia's Tour
2010, near Hoofddorp
Race details
Date May
Region The Netherlands
Local name(s) Olympia's Tour
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1909 (1909)
Editions 59 (as of 2011)
First winner  Chris Kalkman (NED)
Most wins  Servais Knaven (NED)
 Arie Hassink (NED) (2 wins)
Most recent  Jetse Bol (NED)

The Olympia's Tour is a cycling stage race held in May in the Netherlands.



A.S.C. Olympia was founded in Amsterdam on 27 November 1898. It ran one-day races but wanted a race through all the Netherlands. The first Olympia’s Tour was in 1909, with three stages and one rest day. The second in 1910 went to Maastricht and Groningen.
It was 17 years before the third race, partly because races on public roads were forbidden in the Netherlands during the First World War. An international field with 16 Germans, the champions of Switzerland and Luxembourg and around 40 Dutch riders left the Rembrandtplein on 17 August 1927. The Dutch were mainly amateurs, the Germans sponsored riders who rode for bicycle manufacturers such as Opel and Diamant which provided material and a support team. The German Rudolf Wolke won after four stages and 800 kilometres ahead of Janus Braspennincx. It was the last race until 1955.

The race resumed on 17 June 1955, with 93 riders leaving Stadionplein in Amsterdam South for a stage of 212 km to Hoogeveen. The race was a battle until the end, when 26-year-old Piet Kooyman won . After 1955 the race was held every year except 2001, when it was stopped by a foot-and-mouth disease crisis.

Some winners have become successful professionals. They include Henk Nijdam, Frits Schür, Cees Priem, Fedor den Hertog, Leo van Vliet, John Talen, Servais Knaven, Danny Nelissen, Matthé Pronk, Joost Posthuma and Thomas Dekker.

Past winners

Rider Team
1909 Netherlands Kalkman, ChrisChris Kalkman (NED)
1910 Netherlands Bellersen, AdrieAdrie Bellersen (NED)
1911-1926 No race
1927 Germany Wolke, RudolfRudolf Wolke (GER)
1928-1954 No race
1955 Netherlands Kooyman, PietPiet Kooyman (NED)
1956 Netherlands Zande, Cees Van DerCees Van Der Zande (NED)
1957 Netherlands Roks, AdrieAdrie Roks (NED)
1958 Netherlands Egmond, Ab VanAb Van Egmond (NED)
1959 Netherlands Zilverberg, HuubHuub Zilverberg (NED)
1960 Netherlands Wesseling, GerardGerard Wesseling (NED)
1961 Netherlands Snijder, MikMik Snijder (NED)
1962 Netherlands Nijdam, HenkHenk Nijdam (NED)
1963 Netherlands Dries, JoskeJoske Dries (NED)
1964 Netherlands Schuuring, CorCor Schuuring (NED)
1965 Netherlands Steevens, HarrieHarrie Steevens (NED)
1966 Netherlands Horst, Jan Van DerJan Van Der Horst (NED)
1967 Netherlands Zoontjens, CeesCees Zoontjens (NED)
1968 Netherlands Groot, Leen DeLeen De Groot (NED)
1969 Netherlands Legierse, PietPiet Legierse (NED)
1970 Netherlands Schur, FritsFrits Schür (NED)
1971 Netherlands Priem, CeesCees Priem (NED)
1972 Netherlands Schur, FritsFrits Schür (NED)
1973 Netherlands Hertog, Fedor denFedor den Hertog (NED)
1974 Netherlands Schuiten, RoyRoy Schuiten (NED)
1975 Netherlands Langerijs, HansHans Langerijs (NED)
1976 Netherlands Vliet, Leo vanLeo van Vliet (NED)
1977 Netherlands Hassink, ArieArie Hassink (NED)
1978 Netherlands Hassink, ArieArie Hassink (NED)
1979 Netherlands Lammertink, JosJos Lammertink (NED)
1980 Soviet Union Logvin, OlegOleg Logvin (USSR)
1981 Netherlands Schipper, GerardGerard Schipper (NED)
1982 Netherlands Solleveld, GerritGerrit Solleveld (NED)
1983 East Germany Hering, MarioMario Hering (DDR)
1984 Soviet Union Saitov, AsiatAsiat Saitov (USSR)
1985 Netherlands Talen, JohnJohn Talen (NED)
1986 East Germany Dittert, BerndtBerndt Dittert (DDR)
1987 Netherlands Bol, JosJos Bol (NED)
1988 East Germany Meier, DirkDirk Meier (DDR)
1989 East Germany Liese, ThomasThomas Liese (DDR)
1990 Netherlands Zuijderwijk, WilcoWilco Zuijderwijk (NED)
1991 Netherlands Tak, AntonAnton Tak (NED)
1992 Netherlands Knaven, ServaisServais Knaven (NED)
1993 Netherlands Knaven, ServaisServais Knaven (NED)
1994 Australia Vogels, HenkHenk Vogels (AUS)
1995 Netherlands Nelissen, DannyDanny Nelissen (NED)
1996 Italy Citton, CristianoCristiano Citton (ITA)
1997 Netherlands Ven, Remco van derRemco van der Ven (NED)
1998 Netherlands Pronk, MattheMatthé Pronk (NED) Rabobank
1999 Netherlands Duijn, MarcelMarcel Duijn (NED) Rabobank
2000 Netherlands Velzen, Jan vanJan van Velzen (NED) Bankgiroloterij-Batavus
2001 No race
2002 Netherlands Louwers, MartMart Louwers (NED) Rabobank GS3
2003 Netherlands Posthuma, JoostJoost Posthuma (NED) Rabobank GS3
2004 Netherlands Dekker, ThomasThomas Dekker (NED) Rabobank GS3
2005 Netherlands Clement, StefStef Clement (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2006 Netherlands Veelers, TomTom Veelers (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2007 Netherlands Berkhout, ThomasThomas Berkhout (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2008 Netherlands Boom, LarsLars Boom (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2009 Netherlands Bol, JetseJetse Bol (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2010 United States Phinney, TaylorTaylor Phinney (USA) Trek Livestrong U23
2011 Netherlands Bol, JetseJetse Bol (NED) Rabobank Continental Team


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