Surrender or surrendering may refer to:
* Surrender (military), capitulation
* Surrender (spirituality and psychology), the relinquishment of one's own will
* "Surrender" (film), starring Sally Field and Michael Caine
* "Surrender" (1931 film), starring Warner Baxter
* "Surrender" (1950 film), starring John Carroll

In music

* Surrender (band), an anarcho peace punk band from the bay area, California.
* "Surrender" (The Chemical Brothers album), an album by The Chemical Brothers
* "Surrender" (Diana Ross album), an album by Diana Ross
* "Surrender", an album by Bliss Blood's group The Moonlighters
* "Surrender", an album by Kut Klose
** "Surrender", a Kut Klose song on the album
* "Surrender", an album by Camille Jones
* "Surrender" (Electric Light Orchestra song), an Electric Light Orchestra song
* "Surrender" (Billy Talent song), a Billy Talent song
* "Surrender" (Cheap Trick song), a Cheap Trick song
* "Surrendering" (song), a 2002 song by Alanis Morissette on the album "Under Rug Swept"
* "Surrender" (Elvis Presley song), an Italian song rearranged by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, which became an Elvis Presley hit single and was covered by many artists
* Surrender (Dmitry Koldun song), a Russian language song by Dmitry Koldun from the album Angel in the Rain.
* "Surrender", a k.d. lang song written for the "Tomorrow Never Dies" film soundtrack
* "Surrender", a Perry Como U.S. number-one single from 1946
* "Surrender", B-side from the band Depeche Mode's 1998 single "Only When I Lose Myself"
* "Surrender", an Ashlee Simpson song on Autobiography"
* "Surrender", a U2 song on "War"
* "Surrender", a Roxette song on "Pearls of Passion"
* "Surrender", a Swing Out Sister song on "It's Better to Travel"
* "Surrender", a song by Laura Pausini on "From the Inside"
* "Surrender", a song by Trixter from the self-titled album "Trixter"
* "Surrender", a song by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers written in 1977 but unreleased until 2000 on
* "Surrender", a song by Evanescence

In computers

* "SurRender", a commercial 3D rendering engine from Hybrid that was available in the late '90s, before being abandoned. See also: dPVS

In books

*"Surrender" (novel), a psychological thriller by Sonya Hartnett
*"Surrendered Wife" and "The Surrendered Single", self-help books by Laura Doyle

Distinguish from

* The Indian man's name Surindar or Surender or similar.

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