ABC may refer to:

Broadcasting media

* American Broadcasting Company, an American television network
** ABC Radio, an American radio network, formerly owned by the American Broadcasting Company
* Australian Broadcasting Corporation, an Australian Government media broadcaster
** ABC Radio (Australia), the radio division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
** ABC Television, the television division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
** ABC (TV station), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Canberra-based TV station
* "ABC" (Swedish news programme)
* Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, a Japanese commercial television and radio station
* Associated Broadcasting Company, a Philippine television network
* Associated British Corporation, a former British film and television company


* ABC (1906 automobile), an American car
* ABC (1920 automobile), an English car
* ABC (1922 automobile), a planned (but never built) American car
* ABC (1999 automotive innovation), Active Body Control, a type of automobile suspension technology


* ABC Stores (Hawaii), a chain of convenience stores
* Aerated Bread Company, a former British bakery and tea-room chain
* Appalachian Brewing Company, an American brewery
* Arab Banking Corporation
* Associated British Cinemas, a UK cinema chain
* Atlanta Bread Company, a bakery and café
* ABC Group, a department store
* Agricultural Bank of China, one of the "Big Four" banks in the People's Republic of China
* ABC Learning Centres, An Australian child care business that provides ealy childhood education programs.

Computer science

* ABC (block cipher), a block cipher algorithm
* ABC (programming language)
* ABC (stream cipher), a stream cipher algorithm
* ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client)
* Abstract base class, a programming construct
* Atanasoff–Berry Computer, an early electronic digital computers
* Acorn Business Computer
* Several computer models designed by Dataindustrier AB of Sweden


* abc conjecture, a concept in number theory
* Approximate Bayesian computation, a family of statistical techniques

Medicine and biology

* ABC (medicine), a mnemonic acronym for "Airways, Breathing, Circulation"
* ABC transporter, a transmembrane protein
* ABC Model of Flower Development, a genetic model
* Abortion-breast cancer hypothesis, a posited connection between breast cancer and abortion
* Aneurysmal bone cyst, a kind of lesion


Songs and albums

* "ABC" (album), an album by the Jackson 5
** "ABC" (song), a song by The Jackson 5
* "ABC" (Jin album)
** "ABC" (Jin song)
* "ABC" (Pipettes song)
* "ABC-DEF-GHI", a song from the television show "Sesame Street"
* Alphabet song, any of several songs used to teach children the alphabet


* ABC (band), a UK New Wave band
* Another Bad Creation, an American R&B and rap musical group

Record labels

* ABC Classics, an Australian record label
* ABC Records, an American record label


* ABC Glasgow, a music venue
* Abc notation, a musical notation language

Organizations and projects


* All Basotho Convention, a political party in Lesotho
* Anarchist Black Cross, an anarchist political support organization
* Association of British Counties, an advocacy group
* Anything But Conservative, a political campaign against Conservative leader Stephen Harper in the Canadian federal election, 2008


* Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, a group of autonomous churches in the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland


* African Bird Club, a British ornithological charity
* American Bird Conservancy, a charitable organization
* Australian Bird Count, a project of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union


* American Bowling Congress, a governing body for the sport of bowling
* Asian Badminton Confederation, a governing body for the sport of badminton
* Asian Badminton Championships, a badminton tournament


* African Black Coalition, a University of California student organization


* ABC countries or "ABC Powers", a political term referring to Argentina, Brazil and Chile
* ABC islands (Alaska), a term referring to Admiralty Island, Baranof Island, and Chichagof Island
* ABC islands (Lesser Antilles), a term referring to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao
* ABC Region, an industrial area outside of São Paulo, Brazil
* Academia Británica Cuscatleca (ABC), is a selective, mixed bi-lingual and bi-cultural school from pre-Kinder to grade 12 situated in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.


* "America's Best Comics" (DC), an imprint of DC Comics
* "ABC" (newspaper), a Spanish newspaper founded in 1903
* Alphabet book, any of several children's books depicting the alphabet
* Audit Bureau of Circulations, a circulation-auditing organization in North America
* ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations UK), a circulation-auditing organization in the UK and Ireland

Other meanings

* ABC Dry Chemical, a fire extinguishing agent
* ABC weapons, a classification referring to Atomic, Biological, and/or Chemical warfare
* Abstinence, be faithful, use a condom, a sex education strategy
* Activity-based costing, an accounting method
* Advanced Booking Charter, a kind of air travel
* Air batu campur, a Malaysian/Singaporean dessert
* Alcoholic beverage control, the American system of state regulation of alcoholic beverage sales
* Alien big cat, a fringe science phenomenon also known as "phantom cats"
* "Always be closing", a sales phrase
* American-born Chinese, an ethnic categorization
* nickname of Andrew Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, British World War II admiral
* Australian British Canadian
* Automatic Buffer Coupler
* ABC Futebol Clube, a football (soccer) club based in Natal, Brazil.

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