Gas Malaysia

Gas Malaysia

company_name = Gas Malaysia Sdn Bhd
company_type = Sdn Bhd
foundation = 1992
location_city = Shah Alam
location_country = Malaysia
key_people = Muhamad Noor Hamid,MD
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[ Gas Malaysia] is a gas distribution company in Malaysia with headquarter in Shah Alam. The company was incorporated on 16 May 1992. 55% of the company shares is held by MMC-Shapadu Holdings, 25% by Tokyo Gas - Mitsui Holdings and 20% by Petronas Gas Berhad.

The company was formed to construct and operate the Natural Gas Distribution System (NGDS) within Peninsular Malaysia. In December 2000, Gas Malaysia expanded its business to include the reticulated Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

On 11 September 2006 [ PETRONAS] has transferred the legal and beneficial ownership of all its 8,559 ordinary shares in [ Gas Malaysia Sdn Bhd] to its subsidiary [ PETRONAS Gas Berhad (PGB)] except for one “Special Share” in [ Gas Malaysia] , which continue to be held by [ PETRONAS] .

[ Gas Malaysia] provides efficient, clean and uninterrupted energy supply for 30,650 residential and commercial customers as well as 636 industrial customers.

In the year 2007, total gas sold by [ Gas Malaysia] was 106.5 million mmBtu throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Total sales volume is projected to increase 0.2% to 106.8 million mmBtu in 2008. As at July 2008, our network of gas pipeline covering a total of 1,577.9 km (1,512.8 km completed, 65.1 km WIP) is constantly expanding to reach a larger population.

Our headquarters is located in Shah Alam. To date, it has three (3) regional offices, located in Kuala Lumpur, Prai, Gebeng and Pasir Gudang, and eight (8) branch offices located throughout Peninsular Malaysia, to provide efficient operations and maintenance, and effective customer services.

The achievement of our mission, to provide the cleanest, safest, cost effective and reliable energy solutions to the nation, is reflected in the tremendous growth of our customer base which includes diverse industries such as food and beverage, rubber, non-metallic minerals, glass, fabricated and basic metal, chemicals, electric and electronics, paper, printing and publishing, textiles, hotels, shopping malls and hospitals.

In line with our vision to be an innovative energy solutions provider, and in support of the Malaysian government efforts to improve energy efficiency, we have taken the initiative to introduce and promote a new energy utilisation technique to our customers, i.e Combined Heat and Power system. This solution will enable our customers to utilise more energy from the same volume of gas consumed, thus significantly reducing their total energy cost.

As we grow our business, our commitment is to continue to deliver more innovative solutions to improve the lifestyle and profitibility of the Malaysian businesses and homes.

Gas Malaysia Management

Board of Directors

*Dato' Hamzah Bakar - Chairman
*Datuk Abdul Rahim Hashim
*Dato' Hj. Shahrani Hj. Abdullah
*Feizal Ali
*Tadaaki Maeda
*Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin
*Muhamad Noor Hamid
*Fuminobu Kawashima
*Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Gas Malaysia Senior Management

*Muhamad Noor Hamid - Managing Director
*Zamri Hassan - Chief Operating Officer
*Mohd Nisharuddin Mohd Noor - Senior Manager, Technical Services
*Ahmad Hashimi Manap - Senior General Manager, Operations and Maintenance
*Mohamed Sophie Rashidi - General Manager, Accounting and Finance
*Lakshmi Lucy Ramanathan - Senior Manager, Legal and Secretarial
*Jekria Haji Ibrahim - Manager, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
*Raja Iskandar Raja Muktaruddin - Manager, Human Resource
*Mohd Daharie Che Din - Acting Manager, Procurement and Contracts

External links

* [ Gas Malaysia Sdn Bhd Official Website]
* [ MMC Corporation Berhad]
* [ Shapadu Corporation]
* [ Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd]
* [ Mitsui & Co. Ltd]

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