Royal blue

Royal blue

Royal blue describes both a bright shade and a dark range of blue. It is said to have been invented by millers in Rode, Somerset, a consortium of which won a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte.

Traditionally, dictionaries define royal blue as a deep to dark blue, often with a purple or faint reddish tinge.infobox color
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source= [ ISCC-NBS]
By the mid-20th century, with the availability of brighter dyes, most people began to think of royal blue as a brighter color, and it was this brighter color that was chosen as the web color. The W3C has designated the keyword "royalblue" to be this much brighter color, rather than the traditional darker variant. infobox color
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Royal blue in culture

* Royal Blue is the name of a bomb in the novel "Snakehead", which is part of the Alex Rider series. [ [] SNAKEHEAD: An Alex Rider Adventure by Anthony Horowitz] Film
* In the film Liar, Liar, Jim Carrey, playing the main protagonist, unsuccessfully attempts to lie that a Royal Blue pen is in fact red. [ [] Liar, Liar Script] Fraternities and Sororities
* Royal blue is one of the colors of 3 NPHC organizations: Phi Beta Sigma [ [] Phi Bet Sigma Fraternity] , (its sister Sorority) Zeta Phi Beta [ [] Zeta Phi Beta Fraternity] and Sigma Gamma Rho [ [] Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority] , the Asian American Interest fraternity, Lambda Phi Epsilon [ [] Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity] , the Latin Sorority Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, and the Multicultural sorority Lambda Tau Omega. [ [] Hermandad De Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority] Music
* Royal Blue is the name of an album by Blues artist Koko Taylor. [ [] Royal Blue by Koko Taylor]
* The Royal Blues are the official marching band of the Rocky Hill High School in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. [ [] The Rocky Hill Royal Blues] Religion
* In religion, royal blue is the color of royalty to welcome the coming of a king. In Christian art, royal blue can also symbolize the night sky in which the star appeared to the Three Wise Men to announce the birth of Jesus.School
* Royal blue is the traditional school color of Yonsei University. [ [] Yonsei University] Sports
* Royal blue and white are the listed colors of the Indianapolis Colts. [ [] The Indianapolis Colts]

* Royal blue is the traditional shirt color of Birmingham City F.C.. Since 1913, the team's home strip has been royal blue, usually with white trim. [ [] Birmingham City F.C. Home]

* Royal blue is the traditional shirt color of Everton F.C. The Everton strip been predominantly royal blue since 1901, with white trim and white shorts. [ [] Everton F.C. News Story Stating "Royal Blue" ]

* Royal blue is the traditional shirt color of Portsmouth F.C. Portsmouth's home strip has for the majority of their history been royal blue, normally worn with white shorts and red socks, though occaisionally an all blue kit is used. [ [] Portsmouth F.C. ]

* Royal blue is the main club color of Rangers F.C. The team's home strip invariably features a royal blue shirt (often with white and/or red trim). [ [,,5,00.html] Rangers Kit Through The Years]

* Royal blue and white are the traditional colors of the North Melbourne AFL team. [ [] North Melbourne FC Information]

* It is the University of Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens football team's main color. [ [] Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens Information]

* It is the dominant color for the Kansas City Royals baseball team's strip. [ [] Kansas City Royals Kit]

* "Die Königsblauen" ("The Royal Blues") is the nickname of German football team Schalke 04. [ [] FC Schalke Shirt Information]

* The "Royal Blue" was the name of a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad train. [ [] The Royal Blue Express]
* Royal Blue was the name of a major operator of coach services in the south and west of England from 1880 to 1986. [ [] Royal Blue Gallery]

* Royal blue is the official color used in the flags of the U.S.A, American Samoa, Australia, Cayman Islands, Confederate, Georgia, Hawaii, Israel, New Zealand [ [ Description of the New Zealand Flag - Ministry for Culture and Heritage ] ] , Norway, Philippines, Texas, Tuvalu and the United Kingdom.
* The background of the flag of the European Union is a medium shade of royal blue.

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