List of rum producers

List of rum producers

Rum is distilled in a wide variety of locations by a number of different producers. Below is a list of rum distillers and brands organized by location of the distiller.

Caribbean Rums

* Anguilla: Pyrat XO (Planter's Gold), Pyrat Rum (Pistol)
* Antigua: Antigua Distillery Ltd (Cavalier, English Harbour), Bambu Rum
* Barbados: Hanschell Inniss Ltd. (Cockspur Rum), Caribbean Spirit/Twelve Islands Shipping Co (Malibu Rum), Mount Gay, R.L. Seale & Company Ltd.(R.L.Seale's, Doorly's, Foursquare Rum), E S A Field, St Nicholas Abbey 10-year-old Rum, Mahiki Rum.
* Belize: Traveller's Liquors, Ltd. (One Barrel Rum), Cuello's Distillery.
* Bermuda: Gosling Brothers Ltd. (Gosling's Rum)
* British Virgin Islands: Pusser's Ltd. (Pusser's)
* Cayman Islands:Cayman Islands Distillery (Seven Fathoms Rum),
* Cuba: Havana Club, Caribbean Club, Varadero, Caney, Mulata, Palmas Paticruzado, Pinilla, Santiago
* Dominica: Soca Rum
* Dominican Republic: Brugal, Bermúdez, Barceló, Macorís, Siboney, Matusalem, Oliver & Oliver (Cubaney, OpthimuS, Guantanamera, Cubanacan, Samana, PuntaCana Club)
* Grenada: Westerhall Plantation, Clarkes Court Distillery, River Antoine
* Guadeloupe (French West Indies): Rhum Damoiseau, Rhum Montebello, Rhum Bologne
* Haiti: Rhum Barbancourt
* Jamaica: Appleton Estate, Myers's, The Rum Company (Coruba)
* Martinique (French West Indies): Clément, DePaz, La Mauny, Rhum St. James, La Favorite, Neisson, Trois Rivieres, J Bally, Dillon
* Puerto Rico: Bacardi (part of American Whiskey Trail), Captain Morgan, Don Q, Ron del Barrilito
* Saint Kitts and Nevis: Brinley Gold Rum, Cane Spirit Rothschild
* Saint Lucia: Elements 8
* Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Sunset Rum
* Trinidad and Tobago: Angostura Rums (Angostura 1824, Angostura 1919, Old Oak, Royal Oak), Fernandes Rums (Fernandes Black Label, Forres Park, Vat 19), 10 Cane (Moet Hennessy)
* US Virgin Islands: Virgin Islands Rum Industries, Inc (Cruzan, Old St. Croix)

Central/South American Rums

* Argentina: Isla Ñ Rum
* Brazil: Oronoco Rum
* Costa Rica: Ron Centenario, Ronrico
* Colombia: Licorera del Caribe (Bolivar) (Ron Tres Esquinas Añejo, Ron Tres Esquinas Rojo, Ron Tres Esquinas Seco - Dry, Ron Tres Esquinas Superior, Ron Tres Esquinas Supremo), Licorera de Antioquia Ron Medellín Añejo, Licorera de Caldas Ron Viejo de Caldas 10 Años, Ron Viejo de Caldas 12 Años, Ron Viejo de Caldas 18 Años), Licores de Cundinamarca (Ron Santafé), Licorera del Valle (Ron Blanco)
* Ecuador: Cristal Limón
* Guatemala: Ron Zacapa Centenario 15 años, Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 años, Ron Zacapa Centenario XO, Ron Botran, Zaya, Venado, Quetzalteca, Montecristo
* Guyana (Demerera): El Dorado, Lemon Hart, Wood's Old Navy
* Nicaragua: Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua, S.A. (Flor de Caña and Ron Plata)
* Panama: Carta Vieja, Varela Hermanos (Ron Abuelo, Ron Cortez)
* Paraguay: Papagayo
* Peru: Cartavio, Pomalca
* Venezuela: Cacique, Ocumare, Pampero, Diplomatico, Ron Santa Teresa, Ron Carúpano, Ron Macuro.
* Mexico: Porfidio

Rums from Other Areas

* Austria: Stroh (flavored rum)
* Australia: Bundaberg, Beenleigh, Inner Circle
* Bulgaria: Atlantic Red
* Canada: Lamb's, Newfoundland Screech, London Dock, Old Sam, Yukon Hootch, & Cabot Tower
* Fiji: Bounty Rum,Seven Tiki
* Germany: Asmussen, Balle, Boddel, Braasch, Hansen, Johannsen, Pott and Sonnberg (all are produced in Flensburg)
* Hawai'i: Braddah Kimo's Extreme 155 Proof, Maui Dark Rum, Maui Platinum Rum, (all are produced on Maui)
* India: Old Monk, Old Port, McDowell's No.1 Celebration, Original choice, Salsa, Island, Tiger, Golconda, Old Cascade Rum []
* Mauritius: Green Island
* Philippines: Tondeña, Tanduay
* Réunion: Isautier, Rivière du Mât, Savanna
* Russia: * Rum is made from Russia. Siberia
* Spain: Arehucas, Artemi
* Sri Lanka: Rockland, DCSL, White Diamond
* Sweden: Träkumla
* Tahiti: Tahiti Dark
* Taiwan: Taiwan Rum
* Thailand: Sang Som
* United States: Old New Orleans Rum, Crystal, Amber, Cajun Spice, 10 Year Special Edition []


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