Kathleen (given name)

Kathleen (given name)

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Kathleen is a female given name, used in English and Irish-language communities. Sometimes spelled Cathleen, it is an anglicized form of "Caitlín", the Irish form of "Cateline", which was the Old French form of "Catherine". It ultimately derives from the Greek name "Aikaterine", the meaning of which is highly debated.

Kathleen may refer to:


* Kathleen Raine, British poetess
* Kathleen Winsor, American author
* "The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics", the second poetry collection of William


* Kathleen Best, director of the Women's Royal Australian Army Corps
* Kathleen Soliah, member of the Symbionese Liberation Army


* Kathleen (singer), Québécoise pop singer
* Kathleen Battle, American soprano
* Kathleen Edwards, Canadian singer-songwriter
* Kathleen Emperatriz DeLuna, Dominican-American R&B singer
* Kathleen Ferrier, British contralto
* Kathleen Hanna, American musician


* Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington, the second daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and a sister of U.S. President John F. Kennedy
* Kathleen Richardson, Baroness Richardson of Calow, British peer


* Kathleen Blanco, former Governor of Louisiana
* Kathleen Brown, Californian politician
* Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
* Kathleen Lynch, Irish politician
* Kathleen Ollerenshaw, British mathematician and politician
* Kathleen O'Meara, Irish politician
* Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas
* Kathleen Wynne, Canadian politician


* Kathleen Hall Jamieson, American professor of communications
* Kathleen Kenyon, archaeologist
* Kathleen Lonsdale, crystallographer


* Kathleen Smet, Belgian triathlete

Television and film

* Kathleen Harrison, British character actress
* Kathleen Kennedy (film producer), movie producer
* Kathleen Noone, American soap opera actress
* Kathleen Quinlan, American actress
* Kathleen Robertson, Canadian actress
* Kathleen Turner, American film actress, director, and producer


* Kathleen O'Toole, police commissioner of Boston, Massachusetts
* Kathleen Dunn, World's Greatest Weight Watcher

ee also

* Cathleen
* Kathleen

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