Kate (given name)

Kate (given name)

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Kate is a female given name or nickname, and may refer to:

In fiction:

* Kate Ditchburn, one of the first characters to appear in "Blackadder II"
* Kate Austen, character played by Evangeline Lilly in the TV series "Lost"
* Kate Lockley, a character of the TV show "Angel"
* Kate Monster, the main female character in the Broadway show, "Avenue Q"
* Kissin' Kate Barlow, Outlaw in the novel Holes.
* Kate Jones, Sydney Bristow's alias in seaons One and Two (and occasionally more) of TV's Alias. In music:
* Kate Maberly, English singer and songwriter
* Kate Bush, English singer
* Kate Ceberano, Australian jazz singer
* Kate Guldbrandsen, Eurovision contestant
* Kate Havnevik, Norwegian singer and songwriter from Oslo
* Kate Nash, English musical artist
* Kate Pierson, American singer and musician with The B-52's
* Kate Wolf, American singer
* Kate Tunstall (known as KT Tunstall), Scottish singer

In television and film:

* Kate Adie, English television news correspondent
* Kate Maberly, English actress
* Kate Beckinsale, English actress
* Cate Blanchett, Australian actress
* Kate Bosworth, American actress
* Kate Capshaw, American actress
* Kate Gerbeau, British television presenter and newsreader
* Kate Jackson, American actress
* Kate Ritchie, Australian actress (ex-Home & Away)
* Kate Smith, Australian theatrical star, Late 2006/2007 Wheel Of Fortune co-hostess
* Kate Harrington, American actress
* Kate Hewlett, Canadian actress
* Kate Hudson, American actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn
* Kate Isitt, English actress
* Kate Lawler, English television presenter and Big Brother winner
* Kate O'Mara, English actress
* Kate Sissons, British RADA-trained actress and the daughter of BBC newsreader Peter Sissons
* Kate Walsh, American actress
* Kate Winslet, English actress

In feminism:

* Kate Millett, American feminist writer and activist
* Kate Sheppard, the most prominent member of New Zealand's women's suffrage movement

In literature:

* Kate Chopin an author from the late 19th century
* Kate L. Turabian, graduate school dissertation secretary at the University of Chicago from 1930 to 1958
* Kate O'Brien, Irish novellist
* Kate Seelye, journalist specializing in coverage of the Middle East
* Kate Field who established "Kate Field's Washington" a weekly journal in 1889

In modeling:

* Kate Moss, English supermodel
* Kate Ground, adult Internet model

In other fields:

* Kate Booth, the oldest daughter of William and Catherine Booth
* Kate Howey, British judoka
* Kate Markgraf, soccer player who belongs to the United States women's national soccer team
* Kate Starre, Australian field hockey midfielder


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