Yield sign

Yield sign

In road transport, a YIELD (Canada, Ireland, and the United States) or GIVE WAY (most current or former Commonwealth countries) traffic sign indicates that a vehicle driver must slow down and prepare to stop if necessary — usually while merging into traffic on another road — but needn't stop if there is no reason to do so. A driver who stops in this situation is said to have yielded the right of way to traffic on the main road. In contrast, a stop sign always requires a full stop. The first YIELD sign was installed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, having been devised and designed by Tulsan police officer Clinton Riggs. [ [http://tpdblog.typepad.com/tpdblog/2007/02/tulsa_cop_inven.html TPD Blog: Tulsa cop invented the 'yield' sign ] ] [ [http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-29507226_ITM Tulsa cop invented the 'yield' sign: ONLY IN OKLAHOMA. | Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) (February, 2007) ] ] [ [http://www.newspaperarchive.com/LandingPage.aspx?type=glpnews&search=%22clinton%20riggs%22%20yield&

According to the Federal Highway Administration's (U.S.) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a YIELD sign may be warranted: [ [http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/HTM/2003r1/part2/part2b1.htm#section2B09 FHWA - MUTCD - 2003 Edition Revision 1 Chapter 2B ] ]

# on a minor road at the entrance to an intersection where it is necessary to assign right-of-way to the major road, but where a stop is not necessary at all times, and where the safe approach speed on the minor road exceeds 10 miles per hour;
# Entrance to a roundabout. Vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way.
# on the entrance ramp to an expressway where an acceleration lane is not provided;
# within an intersection with a divided highway, where a STOP sign is present at the entrance to the first roadway and further control is necessary to the entrance to the second roadway, and where the median width between the two roadways exceeds 40 feet;
# where there is a separate or channelized right-turn lane, without an adequate acceleration lane;
# at any intersection where a special problem exists and where an engineering study indicates the problem to be susceptible to correction by use of the yield sign.

The same rulebook states that YIELD signs should not ordinarily be placed to control the major flow of traffic at an intersection.

GIVE WAY signs, or the equivalent road markings, are often used at UK road junctions at which stop signs would have been used in the USA. The signs can be yellow as well.Facts|date=August 2008


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