Wildlife on One

Wildlife on One

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show_name = Wildlife on One

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picture_format = 4:3
audio_format = Stereo
runtime = 30 minutes
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narrated = David Attenborough
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country = United Kingdom
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network = BBC One
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first_aired = 1977
last_aired = 2005
num_episodes = 253
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Wildlife on One was the BBC's flagship natural history programme, first broadcast in 1977. Each programme ran for half an hour. The narrator was Sir David Attenborough. When repeated on BBC2, the programmes were retitled "Wildlife on Two". The programme was terminated in 2005. The 2003 season currently airs on Animal Planet in the US.

Episode list

11x0106/Jan/1977The Bird That Beat The US Navy
21x0213/Jan/1977Behind The Jaws
31x0320/Jan/1977The Year Of The Deer
41x0427/Jan/1977Run Cheetah Run
51x0503/Feb/1977The American Eagle
61x0610/Feb/1977Prairie Dog Town
71x0717/Feb/1977A Safe Polar Bear Is A Distant Polar Bear
81x0824/Feb/1977Charming Snakes
92x0119/Jul/1977The Private Life Of The Barn Owl
102x0226/Jul/1977Bandicoots And Desert Frogs
112x0302/Aug/1977Garden Jungle
122x0409/Aug/1977Some Of My Best Friends Are Vultures
133x0106/Apr/1978Who's A Clever Birdie?
143x0213/Apr/1978At Home With Badgers
153x0320/Apr/1978Big Bill, The Story Of A Heron
163x0427/Apr/1978Last Chance For The Grevy?
173x0504/May/1978Bob Cat
194x0131/May/1979Squirrel On My Shoulder
204x0207/Jun/1979The Real Mr Ratty
214x0314/Jun/1979Return Of The Fur Seal
234x0528/Jun/1979Birds Of The Volcanoes
244x0612/Jul/1979Fox Watch
255x0117/Jan/1980The Impossible Bird
265x0224/Jan/1980Zen, The Pigtail Monkey
275x0331/Jan/1980Rhino Rescue
295x0514/Feb/1980Amorous Amphibians
305x0621/Feb/1980A Wonderful Bird Is The Pelican
316x0102/Sep/1980Gently Smiling Jaws
326x0209/Sep/1980Red River Safari
336x0316/Sep/1980Whale Of A Tangle
346x0423/Sep/1980An Island Shall A Monster Make
356x0530/Sep/1980Wings Over The High Sierras
377x0109/Jan/1981Gannets Galore
387x0216/Jan/1981Wild Otter
397x0322/Jan/1981The Water Walkers
407x0429/Jan/1981Where The Fish Are Friendly
417x0505/Feb/1981Flowers From The Flames
427x0612/Feb/1981Out In The Cold
437x0707/Apr/1981What Price The Countryside?
447x0810/Jun/1981Twentieth Century Fox
458x0108/Sep/1981Return Of The Sea Eagle
468x0215/Sep/1981The Mouse's Tale
478x0322/Sep/1981Lady Of The Spiders
488x0429/Sep/1981Orinoco Hog
498x0506/Oct/1981The Mysterious Bee
509x0107/Jan/1982Ambush At Masai Mara
519x0214/Jan/1982The Great Hedgehog Mystery
529x0321/Jan/1982The Gentle Giants
539x0428/Jan/1982Baboons Rule OK
549x0504/Feb/1982Encounter Underground
559x0611/Feb/1982St Lucia, Lake Wilderness
5610x0109/Sep/1982The Bat That Cracked The Frog Code
5710x0216/Sep/1982Yellowstone Below Zero
5810x0323/Sep/1982The Serpant's Secrets
5910x0430/Sep/1982The Dolphin Touch
6111x0113/Jan/1983The Dragon And The Damsel
6211x0220/Jan/1983Sealion Summer
6311x0327/Jan/1983Kusieb - The Vanishing River
6411x0410/Feb/1983The Passing Of The Buck
6511x0517/Feb/1983A Touch Of The Butterfiles
6612x0110/Nov/1983Run Rabbit Run
6712x0217/Nov/1983Aliens From Inner Space
6812x0324/Nov/1983Last Stronghold Of The Eagles
6912x0408/Dec/1983Sparrows Of St James's
7113x0108/Jan/1985Pterdactyls - Alive?
7213x0215/Jan/1985Roadrunner, Clown Of The Desert
7313x0322/Jan/1985New Father Thames
7413x0429/Jan/1985Sailing With Whales
7614x0104/Sep/1985The Fastest Claw In The West
7814x0318/Sep/1985Sulawesi, Island Of Discovery
7914x0425/Sep/1985Marmot Mountain
8014x0502/Oct/1985Sea Snakes, Friend Or Foe
8115x0126/Jan/1987Meerkats United
8215x0202/Feb/1987The Bodysnatchers
8315x0309/Feb/1987Serpents, Swiftlets And The Chasm Of Gloom
8415x0423/Feb/1987Case Of The Vanishing Squirrel
8515x0502/Mar/1987Birds Of The Sun God
8615x0609/Mar/1987Ladybird, Ladybird
8715x0716/Mar/1987Nautilus, 500 Million Years Under The Sea
8815x0823/Mar/1987In-Flight Movie
8915x0913/Apr/1987Mysteries Of The Chinese Crane
9016x0112/Jan/1988Who Really Killed Cock Robin?
9116x0219/Jan/1988The Longest Nose In Africa
9216x0326/Jan/1988Punk Puffins And Hard Rock
9316x0409/Feb/1988Odd Noses Of Borneo
9416x0516/Feb/1988The Ravening Hordes
9616x0701/Mar/1988The Tale Of The Pregnant Male
9716x0815/Mar/1988The Bee Team
9816x0922/Mar/1988Kingdom Of The Crabs
9916x1029/Mar/1988Trivial Pursuit? The Natural Mystery Of Play
10017x0127/Feb/1989Blubber Lovers
10117x0206/Mar/1989Unearthing The Mole
10217x0313/Mar/1989Birdman Of Afikin
10317x0403/Apr/1989Kalihari Bigfoot
10417x0510/Apr/1989Rockies And Rollers
10517x0624/Apr/1989Under The Weather
10617x0701/May/1989Whistling Hunters
10717x0808/May/1989Jewel In The Sun
10817x0922/May/1989Parrot Fashion
11018x0217/Jan/1991Backstreet Bandits
11118x0321/Jan/1991Island Of Monkeys
11218x0421/Jan/1991The Haunted Huntress
11418x0604/Feb/1991Enter The Dragons
11518x0718/Feb/1991Eat A Beaver, Save A Tree
11618x0804/Mar/1991Sky Raider
11718x0911/Mar/1991Beauty And The Beast
11818x1025/Mar/1991The Transformers
11919x0106/Jan/1992Too Close For Comfort?
12019x0213/Jan/1992Invasion Of The Killer Mink
12119x0320/Jan/1992Sylvia The Star The Tern
12219x0427/Jan/1992Flying Foresters
12319x0503/Feb/1992When The Fish Come In
12419x0610/Feb/1992The Prankster
12519x0717/Feb/1992Barrels Of Crude And Wallaroos
12619x0809/Mar/1992Babies Beware
12719x0916/Mar/1992Little Leviathans
12819x1023/Mar/1992Pandas Aren't Always Cuddly
12920x0107/Jan/1993March Of The Flamebirds
13020x0214/Jan/1993Itaye And The Fig Tree Troop
13120x0321/Jan/1993The Swarm
13220x0428/Jan/1993Noses Of Nancite
13320x0504/Feb/1993Clowns Of The Air
13420x0618/Feb/1993Wanted Alive
13520x0711/Mar/1993They Came From The Sea
13620x0818/Mar/1993Haunt Of The Fishing Owl
13720x0901/Apr/1993Sprinbok Of The Kalihari
13820x1012/Apr/1993Shadow Of The Hare
13921x0106/Jan/1994Orangutans, Out On A Limb
14021x0213/Jan/1994Alligator Hole
14121x0320/Jan/1994Tiger Of The Highlands
14221x0427/Jan/1994Nature's Neons
14321x0510/Feb/1994Malice In Wonderland, A Coral Reef Drama
14421x0617/Feb/1994White Birds Of Winter
14521x0724/Feb/1994The Storm Troop
14621x0810/Mar/1994Gremlins Of The Night
14721x0917/Mar/1994A Graze With Danger
14922x0106/Apr/1995The Tale Of The Big Bad Fox
15022x0213/Apr/1995A Monkey For All Seasons
15122x0320/Apr/1995Night Of The Leopard
15222x0427/Apr/1995King Of Kingfishers
15322x0504/May/1995Sea Otters, The Clam Busters
15422x0611/May/1995Rainbow Warriers
15522x0718/May/1995The Tale Of The Peacock And The Tiger
15722x0901/Jun/1995Lake Of The Flies
15822x1015/Jun/1995Baywatch, A Dolphin's View
15922x1122/Jun/1995The Besieged, War Of The Termites
16022x1229/Jun/1995Adavance Of The Armadillo
16122x1306/Jul/1995The Wild Bush Budgie
16223x0128/Mar/1996Hippos Out Of Water
16323x0204/Apr/1996Meerkats Divided
16423x0311/Apr/1996The Dolphin Diaries
16523x0418/Apr/1996Stoats In The Priory
16723x0602/May/1996Bat-Eared Fox
16823x0709/May/1996Lost Lakes Of The Pacific
16923x0816/May/1996Possums, Tales Of The Unexpected
17023x0923/May/1996Gannets, The Storm Birds
17123x1028/May/1996The Rat Race
17223x1104/Jun/1996Last Of The Rhinos
17323x1218/Jun/1996Deadly Liaisons
17423x1318/Jul/1996The Immortal Salamander
17524x0113/Feb/1997Pygmy Chimpanzee, The Last Great Ape
17624x0220/Feb/1997Reef Encounter
17724x0327/Feb/1997The Lion's King
17824x0406/Mar/1997The Eagle Empire
17924x0513/Mar/1997Butterfly, Beauty Or The Beast?
18025x0122/Jul/1997Otters, The Truth
18125x0229/Jul/1997Zebra, The Trailblazers
18225x0305/Aug/1997Wild Boar, King Of The Wildwood
18425x0519/Aug/1997The Beetles, Record Breakers
18526x0110/Mar/1998Bands On The Run
18626x0217/Mar/1998Wolves In White
18726x0324/Mar/1998Small Cats, Serval Secrets
18826x0431/Mar/1998Crowned Lemurs
18926x0507/Apr/1998Pine Marten, Spirit Of The Wood
19026x0614/Apr/1998Whee Lemmings Dare
19126x0721/Apr/1998Uninvited Guests
19226x0828/Apr/1998Birds In Black
19326x0920/Sep/1998Spirit Of The Mustang
19427x0118/Apr/1999Should Elephants Weep?
19527x0225/Apr/199921st Century Safari
19627x0302/May/1999Squirrels Under Siege
19727x0409/May/1999Ospreys, The Fish Hawks
19927x0623/May/1999Giraffe, The Impossible Animal
20028x0123/Aug/1999Birds Behaving Badly
20128x0216/Sep/1999Spiders From Mars
20228x0323/Sep/1999Hyenas, Heroes Or Villians?
20328x0430/Sep/1999Bushbabies, A Leap In The Dark
20429x0106/Aug/2000Pussies Galore
20529x0213/Aug/2000Bear Crime - Caught In The Act
20629x0320/Aug/2000Worthogs Hogging The Limelight
20729x0427/Aug/2000Global Swarming
20829x0510/Sep/2000Gelada Baboons, The Battles Of Braveheart
20929x0617/Sep/2000The Real Macaw
21029x0701/Oct/2000India's Wild Dogs, The Wild Bunch
21129x0802/Oct/2000Hyrax, Little Brother Of The Elephant
21229x0909/Oct/2000Up With The Gibbons
21330x0116/Apr/2001Water Vole, A Life On The Edge
21430x0229/Apr/2001Sensitive Sharks
21530x0306/May/2001Chimpanzees, Toolmakers Of Bossou
21630x0413/May/2001Pelicans, Taking The Plunge
21730x0520/May/2001Foxy Business
21830x0627/May/2001Operation Thunderball
21930x0703/Jun/2001Dingoes, Outlaws Of The Outback
22030x0810/Jun/2001Giant Otters, Wolves Of The River
22130x0917/Jun/2001The Octopus Challenge
22230x1024/Jun/2001Monkeys Of The Rock
22330x1101/Jul/2001Enter The Mantis
22431x0124/Feb/2002Gangland Lemurs
22531x0203/Mar/2002African Penguin, A Cool Bird In A Hot Spot
22631x0323/Apr/2002Polar Bears On Thin Ice
22731x0430/Apr/2002Iguanas, Living Like Dinosaurs
22831x0507/May/2002Navy Seals
22931x0614/May/2002Citizen Cane Toad
23031x0721/May/2002Ostriches In The Race For Survival
23131x0828/May/2002Space Age Reptile
23231x0902/Jul/2002Beasts On The Streets
23331x1023/Jul/2002Be An Animal
23432x0130/Mar/2003Super Mums
23532x0211/Jun/2003Dolphins, Deep Thinkers?
23632x0315/Jun/2003Winning Dads
23832x0525/Jun/2003Techno Wolf
23932x0602/Jul/2003African Assassin
24032x0716/Jul/2003Amazon Assassin, A Wildlife Whodunit
24132x0823/Jul/2003Peregrine, Nature's Top Gun
24232x0930/Jul/2003Beavers, The Master Builders
24332x1006/Aug/2003Sensitive Scorpion
24433x0101/Nov/2004Bears On The Black Run
24533x0208/Nov/2004Squirrels, Are They Tough Enough?
24633x0315/Nov/2004Monitor Lizard, Africa's Greatest Thief
24733x0425/Nov/2004Gadgets Galore
24833x0509/Dec/2004Capuchins, The Monkey Puzzle
24933x0616/Dec/2004Dragonfly, Beauty Or Beast?
25033x0720/Jan/2005King Croc
25133x0827/Jan/2005Kea, The Smartest Parrot
25233x0903/Feb/2005Wilderbeast, The Super Herd
25333x1017/Feb/2005Crabs, Claw Wars

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