Rota may refer to:

* "Rota" , a popular company known for manufacturing both OEM and aftermarket wheels for vehicles.
* "Rota" , the feminine form of the Chilean term "roto"
* Róta, a Valkyrie in Norse mythology, who chose those who were about to die on the battle-field
* Rota (architecture), a cylinder, open on one side, that was built inside a wall of a monastery; it was used for exchanging mail and food with cloistered clergy, being their only communication with the world
* Rota (formation), a military unit in old-time Poland
* Rota (music), a name for a type of round, specifically as practiced in England in the 13th and 14th centuries. The term is Latin for "wheel"
* Rota (poem), Polish poem and anthem, once proposed to be the Polish national anthem
* Rota (schedule) or "rosta" is a table that shows what times certain things are going to happen and normally is referred to staffs shift times
* Rota (The oath), a poem written by Maria Konopnicka, sung to the music by Feliks Nowowiejski
* Rota Club, a political club in circa 1702 in London. Its members proposed radical political reform, and the club is mentioned as an enemy of the state in Jonathan Swift's "A Tale of a Tub"
* Rotary International, a service club
* Sacra Rota, a tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church
* Rota (papal signature), a sign which makes up part of the pope's signature
* "Rota", a collection of poems by A. W. Yrjänä
* "ROTA", "Releases Other Than Attack";Places:
* Rota (island), the 4th most populated island of the Marianas archipelago.
* Rota, Spain, a town in Spain
* Naval Station Rota, Spain, the largest U.S. Naval base in Spain
* Rota (volcano), volcano in Nicaragua

* Anthony Rota, a Member of Parliament of the Canadian House of Commons
* Gian-Carlo Rota, a 20th-century Italian-born American mathematician and philosopher.
* Nino Rota, a 20th-century Italian composer
* Carlo Rota, Canadian chef and actor

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