List of characters in Saints Row

List of characters in Saints Row

This is a list of characters from the video game "Saints Row" developed by Volition for the Xbox 360 system. The game is centered around urban gang conflict in the fictional city of Stilwater. The protagonist wanders into one such gang battle, and is rescued by the 3rd Street Saints, who then proceed to weaken the other gangs in the city in order to take control of it themselves with the assistance of the protagonist.


In "Saints Row", the player takes control of an unnamed male protagonist whose face, body, hair and clothes can be fully customized. The protagonist works as an enforcer for the 3rd Street Saints, a fictional hip-hop gang based in the Mission Beach Church in fictional Chicago-based city, Stilwater. The protagonist is a loyal member of the game, and follows orders without questions. In fact, in the entire game, the protagonist speaks merely four lines during mission cutscenes.

The protagonist is saved by 3rd Street Saints' kingpin Julius Little and undercover cop Troy Bradshaw after getting caught up in the middle of a gang war between three rival gangs. Julius invites the protagonist back to the church for a Saints' meeting, where the protagonist is canonized into the gang. After killing Vice King members hanging out around the Mission Beach Church and assaulting a major turf war in Harrowgate, the protagonist is offered full work in the gang, and is tasked with helping key lieutenants of the gang bring down three rival gangs across the city. Throughout the storyline, the protagonist gains the trust of his fellow Saints, particularly Johnny and Dex.

Once the Saints have successfully brought down the three rival gangs across Stilwater, Julius is captured by SWCD Chief Monroe, and thrown into jail. Monroe offers to trade Julius' life for that of Marshall Winslow, Stilwater's mayor. After the protagonist successfully hijacks Winslow's campaign bus and destroys it with a freight train, he, Johnny and Dex attack Winslow's funeral precession, which Monroe attended, and kill him. Julius escapes from jail and is contacted by Troy, whose intentions Julius is fully aware of, and is ordered by Troy to wipe out the Saints. The protagonist is asked by mayoral candidate Alderman Hughes to attend his private party aboard a yacht, which Julius detonates a bomb on, killing Hughes and landing the protagonist in a coma.

3rd Street Saints

The 3rd Street Saints begin as a minor element in Stilwater's current war for territory amongst its major gang factions: the Vice Kings, the Westside Rollerz and Los Carnales. Over the course of gameplay, the Saints become the most powerful organized gang in the city, possibly due to the influence of powerful political figures.

Julius Little

"Introduced in: "The Streets of Stilwater"

Julius is the leader of the 3rd Street Saints. He is an African-American, most likely in his mid forties. Julius recruits the game's protagonist during an altercation in Saint's Row involving all three of Stilwater's prominent gang figures. During the course of events, it is revealed that Julius actually grew up in the ghettos of Sunnyvale Gardens and is a childhood friend of music industry mogul, crime lord, and Vice Kings leader, Benjamin King. At first, it appears that Julius forms the Saints as a deterrent to the other factions, but the Saints quickly go on the offense in a bid to eliminate the other rival gangs.

Julius is voiced by Keith David.

Troy Bradshaw

"Introduced in: "The Streets of Stilwater"

Troy appears to be Julius's second-in-command but unbeknownst to Julius, Troy is an undercover policeman working for the Stilwater PD. There is a running suspicion throughout the game that Troy is a part of the secret alliance between Alderman Hughes and Police Chief Monroe, as Troy always seems to make critical information conveniently available to the Saints whenever it is time for the protagonist to make a move against a rival gang. Troy's task appears to be to aid Monroe and Hughes in manipulating the Saints into destroying the other gangs in Stilwater. Troy is loyal to the Stilwater PD (he strongly opposes any plan that involves killing policemen) and does his best to enforce the law even while undercover (Troy repeatedly tries to convince the Saints not to go into the drug trade in the hope that he can prevent more narcotics making their way into the city).

Troy is voiced by Michael Rapaport.

Johnny Gat

"Introduced in: "Rallying Cry"

Johnny is a brash, hot-headed Saints lieutenant of Chinese-American heritage. He and Lin, are always seen as the big brother/ little sister stereotype (but they aren't), bickering and arguing. Even so, Johnny is horrifically saddened at her murder, as hinted by Julius, who tells the protagonist that Johnny will be out for blood. After the reclamation of Saints Row, Gat takes on the responsibility of dealing with the Vice Kings after Troy Bradshaw declines the assignment (undoubtedly because of the fact that he is an undercover cop, and the police force have connections with the Vice Kings). Johnny also has a torrid, on again / off again relationship with local R&B diva, Aisha (see below). Gat's strategies typically involve massive amounts of bloodshed and extensive property damage. Johnny is quite reckless and it often falls to Dex to rein in his psychopathy. During a failed assassination attempt on Tanya Winters undertaken with the protagonist, he suffers a shotgun wound in the leg at close range by Anthony Green, and is afterwards given a leg brace.

Johnny is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim.


"Introduced in: "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints"

Dexter 'Dex' (unknown surname) is of Afro-Hispanic (presumably Dominican) heritage and appears to be the voice of reason amongst Little's lieutenants. Dex is a superb tactician but talks amongst the generic Saints gang members that wander the streets seems to indicate that few Saints believe that Dex deserves his post and there is concern that Dex may eventually "pull some Warren Williams (see the Vice King's entry) bullshit" and challenge Little for control of the gang. Talk amongst the generic Saints gang members also indicates that Dex has a fondness for prostitutes and also has a younger sister. Dex is unquestionably the brains of the Saints organization as his credits include framing of the Vice Kings in an effort to draw public attention to the VK's, as well as drafting the plans that lead to the assassinations of Los Carnales jefe, Hector "Kimo" Lopez, and Stilwater police chief, Monroe.

Dex is voiced by JAQ.


"Introduced in: "Divide and Conquer"

"Killed in: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do..."

Lin is of Chinese-American heritage, is the sole female lieutenant in the Saints, and is teased as the protagonist's potential love interest. Contrary to popular belief, Johnny and Lin are not brother and sister [] . She and Johnny are always seen as constantly disagreeing with each other, for example the way he tips her to not throw her shoulder so much when she punches. She is the self-titled "best racer to ever come out of Chinatown" and her pride and joy is her customized Voxel sports car. Julius Little assigns the task Lin of infiltrating the Westside Rollerz organization in an effort to gain more insight on how the Rollerz operate. Lin's information leads to the sabotage of one of the Rollerz's illegal street races, but Lin eventually gets impatient and decides to move up her timetable. She devises a plan where she stages a rescue of the Rollerz chief mechanic, Donny, and eventually gets to meet the true power behind the Rollerz: Joseph Price and his uncle, William Sharp. Unfortunately for Lin, William Sharp eventually deduces her status as a mole. Sharp captures Lin and uses her as bait in a trap for the protagonist. Lin slowly dies as she bleeds out from a gunshot wound inflicted by Sharp while locked in the trunk of her beloved Voxel along with the protagonist (also wounded by a gunshot from Sharp but recovers well enough to take revenge).

Lin is voiced by Tia Carrere.

Westside Rollerz

Unquestionably inspired by the The Fast And The Furious film series, The Westside Rollerz consist of a cadre of street racers and tuners that supplement their illegal hobbies through dealing in stolen auto parts that they acquire by preying on truck shipments travelling through Stilwater.

Joseph Price

"Introduced in: "Meet Uncle Will"

"Killed in: "Semi-Charged Life"

Joseph Price is the field commander of the Westside Rollerz. He is a skilled driver and commands the respect of all of his subordinates. Price is clever but his uncle, William Sharp, is obviously the brains behind the Westside Rollerz. The only people Price shows any semblance of respect for are his uncle, William Sharp, and Donnie, the Rollerz chief mechanic. Price dies in a fiery truck accident during a vehicular showdown on the interstate with the protagonist shortly after the protagonist's revenge killing of William Sharp for the death of Lin.

Price is voiced by Greg Sims.

William Sharp

"Introduced in: "Meet Uncle Will"

"Killed in: "Burying the Evidence"

Not much is known about William Sharp other than that he is the uncle of Joseph Price, provides financial support to the Westside Rollerz through his law firm and is the true mastermind of the Westside Rollerz plans. As the game progresses, it becomes evident that Sharp views the Rollerz gang as nothing more than a tool to further his own criminal ambitions. Sharp's primary illicit business appears to be the smuggling of precision auto parts to as of yet unknown overseas buyers (Rumored to be Saints Row 2 gang, the Ronin). The protagonist kills Sharp after a spirited car chase through Chinatown shortly after Sharp shoots both the protagonist and Lin and leaves them for dead in the trunk of Lin's Voxel race car, which Sharp then pushes into the ocean. He is the only story-related character to never use a swear word in the entire game.

Sharp is voiced by David Carradine.


"Introduced in: "Guardian Angel"

Donnie is the Rollerz chief mechanic and operates a shop somewhere in Stilwater's Apartments district. Donnie and Joseph Price appear to be very good friends and Price is very protective of Donnie, even shielding Donnie from the insults of Joseph's uncle, William Sharp. Donnie seems to shy away from the more violent activities that the Rollerz take part in, preferring to guarantee that the Rollerz fleet of high-performance street machines are always in tip-top condition. Lin uses Donnie as a pawn to gain access to the true powers behind the Rollerz. When Sharp reveals this information to Donnie, he is more heartbroken than he is angry. A humorous comment from one of the generic Asian female Saints members the player can recruit to his party suggests that Lin may have slept with Donny as part of her plan to cement a relationship with the Rollerz ("Lin fucks a Roller and she makes lieutenant. I fucked a Roller and all I got was the crabs."). During one of the end cutscenes in the game, Donnie is seen still pining for Lin even after her death. Donnie has the notoriety of being the sole high-ranking Roller to survive the destruction of his gang. It was confirmed that Donnie will join the Brotherhood in Saints Row 2, (despite the rumor that the remaining rollerz joined the Ronin) seeking revenge on the protagonist, blaming him for Lin's death.

Donnie is voiced by Andrew Kishino.

Los Carnales

Los Carnales is the stereotypical Latin-American gang in the Saints Row game, drawing parallels to Latino gangster archaetypes found in movies such as Training Day or Scarface or as typified by Latino hip hop artists such as Cypress Hill or Kid Frost. According to events in the game, Los Carnales are the oldest gang in Stilwater and has been controlled by the members of Lopez family for decades.It is suggested that Benjamin King originally formed the Vice Kings to counter the advances of Los Carnales into the northern sections of Stilwater, much like how Julius Little forms the Saints to keep the other gangs out of the Row.

Hector Lopez

"Introduced in: "Meet the Lopezes"

"Killed in: "McManus Says Hello"

Hector "Kimo" Lopez is the current jefe of Los Carnales. It is never explained what incident caused the wound that gave Hector his trademark facial scar and blinded him in one eye. Hector runs Los Carnales with an iron hand and depends on the influx of money generated from serving as Stilwater's primary distributor of narcotics to solidify his power base. Hector is killed during an assassination plot planned by 3rd Street Saints lieutenant, Dex, in retaliation for the first Los Carnales invasion of Saint's Row. Dex's strategy has the added benefit of creating a rift between Los Carnales and the Colombian cartel that supplies them with their narcotics.

Hector is voiced by Joaquim de Almeida.

Angelo Lopez

"Introduced in: "Meet the Lopezes"

"Killed in: "What Goes Up"

Angelo "Lobo" Lopez is Hector's younger brother and is co-leader of Los Carnarles in name only, since it is readily apparent that Hector calls all of the shots. Angelo comes complete with all of the stereotypical Hispanic male character traits including an overabundance of machismo and a temper that rivals Johnny Gat's. Angelo becomes the de-facto leader of Los Carnales after Hector's assassination by the protagonist, but Angelo depends heavily on Victor for support and advice. He appears to be fond of his girlfriend, Luz Avalos, but her blatant materialism seems to cause him no end of frustration. Angelo is not so attached to Luz that it prevents him from losing his temper and striking Luz, or keeps Angelo from attempting to save his own neck when Luz's indecision about which shoes to pack causes her to be late for Angelo's escape flight out of Stilwater. Angelo is killed by Dex and the protagonist when his escape via private jet is thwarted by a salvo of RPG fire.

Angelo is voiced by Freddy Rodriguez.

Victor Rodriguez

"Introduced in: "Meet the Lopezes"

"Killed in: "Strength in Numbers"

Victor "Tanque" Rodriguez is Los Carnales's enforcer. Like his Vice King counterpart, Anthony "Big Tony" Green (see below), Victor's physical toughness is the stuff of urban legend. He is said to have survived over a dozen attempts on his life and his survival of a point-blank gunshot in one cutscene is not only a testament to his physical resilliance, but also suggests that his trademark black leather zippered vest is probably lined with kevlar. After the assassination of Hector Lopez, Victor leads an ill-fated second incursion into Saint's Row where he dies after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds following the explosion of his customized Bulldog. Troy Bradshaw is later seen smugly lighting a cigarette off of the still burning remains of Victor Rodriguez, much to Dex's disgust.

Victor is voiced by Phillip Anthony Rodriquez.

Luz Avalos

"Introduced in: "Meet the Lopezes"

Luz is the materialistic girlfriend of Angelo Lopez. The running joke in the game is that she has an overdeveloped obsession when it comes to shoes. Both the protagonist (in one of the few times that he speaks) and Vice King member, Tanya Winters (see below), both remark on Luz being behind the times in choice of footwear. The protagonist nearly shoots Luz following Angelo's demise when Luz insists that the shoes in her possession are part of the Spring collection and not the previous Fall collection. Luz is devastated by Angelo's death if only because she no longer has means of financial support. Later on in the game, Luz is seen in a bar and Manuel Orejuela (see below) shows up to light her cigarette. Most likely, Luz leaves with Orejuela when he returns to Colombia.

Luz is voiced by Andrea Zafra.

Manuel Orejuela

"Introduced in: "Meet the Lopezes"

Orejuela is not a member of Los Carnales, rather he is a representative of a large, unnamed drug cartel in Colombia. He seems to have a soft spot for Luz Avalos and takes advantage of Angelo's difficulty in dealing with the Saints to make his move on her. Eventually, he signs over to the Saints and sells out Angelo. Orejuela is later seen at a bar consoling Luz shortly after the protagonist and Dex kill Angelo at Wardell Airport after blowing up Angelo's jet with him aboard. It is assumed that Orejuela takes Luz with him when he returns home to Colombia.

Manuel is voiced by Carlos Ferro.

Vice Kings

The Vice Kings began as an organization formed by Benjamin King in Sunnyvale Gardens (one of the sections of the Projects district in Stilwater) to counterbalance the might of Los Carnales. In present-day Stilwater, the VK's serve as little more than the private security force that serves to safeguard King's personal dynasty. The gang is loosely based on the Chicago-based gangs the Vice Lords and Latin Kings- put together they form the Vice Kings.

Benjamin King

"Introduced in: "All The King's Men"

Benjamin King is the heart and soul of the Vice Kings: according to Johnny Gat, the VK's are named after King. King formed the VK's in order to protect the Projects district from Los Carnales. Later on in the game, King reveals that he is a childhood friend of Julius Little and remarks that Julius is following in King's path, even to the point of recycling King's old rally speeches. Benjamin King eventually formed a financial empire with Kingdom Come Records serving as the crown jewel. Personally, Benjamin King has no qualms about doing his own dirty work but in his pursuit of legitimacy, King now prefers to exercise his power and influence with Stilwater's political machine to achieve his goals and maintain his status.

The VK's came into conflict with the 3rd Street Saints when Tanya Winters (see below) resorts to abduction in order to get new "talent" for her Prawn Court brothel and the VK's have the misfortune of unknowingly kidnapping the sister of R&B diva, Aisha (see above). The subsequent retaliation from Gat and the protagonist provides the flashpoint for open warfare between the VK's and the Saints. Internal tension within the VK organization itself comes to a head when VK lieutenants, Warren Williams and Tanya Winters stage a coup and force King to flee for his life. Upon learning of his old friend's plight, Julius sends the protagonist to rescue King during a firefight in the Museum district. The VK saga concludes with the dramatic deaths of Willams and Winters: King himself deals with Tanya. During the in-game cutscene, Benjamin King is seen briefly glimpsing at an old photo of himself and Julius Little as he begins to board a private jet.

Ben is voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan.

Warren "EZ Money" Williams

"Introduced in: "All the King's Men"

"Killed in: "Cold Winters"

Warren Williams is the Chief Operating Officer of Kingdom Come Records, serves as second-in-command to Benjamin King, and also manages the illegal gambling side of the VK business portfolio (Warren is referred to by Johnny Gat as "the numbers guy". One of the stronghold missions suggests that the VK's supplement their income by rigging sporting events). Unfortunately for King, Williams would rather be a drug-dealing crime boss than a music mogul. William's dissatisfaction with Benjamin King's reluctance to deal harshly with the Saints and for King never taking control of the drug trafficking business from Los Carnales leads Williams to stage a coup to remove Benjamin King from his position of leadership. Williams is temporarily successful but the interference of the protagonist forces Williams to save himself by attempting to escape in his customized Rattler sports car. Williams's car eventually explodes after being hit by gunfire from King and the protagonist. Willams is left for dead, but manages to partially drag himself from the wreckage of his car. Williams dies when he is shot by his erstwhile lover, Tanya Winters, who decides that she's prefer to control the Vice Kings by herself.

Warren is voiced by Ogie Banks.

Anthony "Big Tony" Green

"Introduced in: "All the King's Men"

"Killed in: "Green With Envy"

Tony Green is the VK's enforcer. Like his Latino counterpart, Victor Rodriguez (see above), "Big Tony's" toughness is legendary. Tony is Tanya Winter's primary lover, but she also carries on an affair with Warren Williams. Tony is loyal to Benjamin King to a fault, and he appears to be the only VK member that King openly respects. Green manages to wound and capture Johnny Gat during a Saints raid on the abandoned police station that serves as Tanya's temporary brothel. Shortly thereafter, Green dies during a shootout in his condo when Julius sends the protagonist to rescue Gat. His tattoo indicates that he was part of the US Marines.

Tony is voiced by Terrence Carson.

Tanya Winters

"Introduced in: "All the King's Men"

"Killed in : "Tanya's Fall From Grace"

Tanya Winters is a VK lieutenant and her primary responsibility is managing the VK brothel located in Prawn Court. The spark that ignites the conflict between the VK's and the Saints arguably is Tanya's unwitting abduction of the younger sister of R&B diva, Aisha, to serve in her brothel. The back-and-forth war of retaliation eventually concludes with the fall of the Vice King empire. Tanya is ambitious, calculating, and depends on her feminine charms to keep both of her lovers (Tony Green and Warren Williams) in the dark about her true intentions for the VK organization. Presumably she is the one that convinces Warren to seize control of the VK's away from Benjamin King following the death of Tony Green, and then subsequently betrays Warren Williams. Tanya is briefly successful in consolidating her power, but the VK failure to eliminate Benjamin King returns to haunt her. King, Johnny Gat, and the protagonist storm King's penthouse where Tanya rules a now tattered empire. She is mortally wounded by a hail of gunfire that forces her through the office window of King's penthouse. Tanya dies dramatically after King steps on her fingers to loosen her precarious grip on the ledge she desperately clings to, and she plunges thirty stories to her death straight through King's Mag truck in the parking lot below. (similar to how the main villian dies in Rush Hour 2)

Tanya is voiced by Mila Kunis.

Other characters


"Introduced in: "Old Friends"

Aisha is Stilwater's "local girl done good." She has experienced a meteoric rise that has take her from the slums of Saints Row to a promising career in the R&B music industry. During the events of the game, Aisha is in the process of following up on her previous hit CD, "Avarice," with another hit CD called "The Other Six." "The Other Six" has already spawned two chart topping tracks: "Leave The Ho" and "DFM Like I'm Your Wife." Aisha is signed with Kingdom Come Records; a company that serves as the public front for the Vice Kings. To her horror, she has learned that the glamorous life isn't all that it is cracked up to be, as she relates tales of extortion and manipulation to her sometime boyfriend, Johnny Gat, in the hope that he will somehow help her get out of the music business. Johnny's plan is to fake Aisha's death, but in typical Gat fashion his plan includes destroying the Kingdom Come Records building with a car bomb. Aisha has a younger sister that the protagonist rescues from a Vice King human trafficking plot presumably created by Tanya Winters (see Vice Kings entry below) to gain more workers for her brothel in Prawn Court.

Aisha is voiced by Sy Smith.

Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong is a radio-station newsreader, who broadcasts news on all Fact|date=August 2008 radio stations in Stilwater during plot elements in the game.

Jack is voiced by David H. Lawrence.

Alderman Richard Hughes

"Introduced/killed in: "Salting the Earth"

Alderman Hughes is a mayoral candidate in Stilwater and is Marshal Winslow's chief political rival. In the game, Hughes is currently running a potentially unsuccessful campaign against the incumbent candidate and decides to restort to more extreme methods to secure his power. Hughes's plan is apparently to use the Saints as his own personal army to not only wipe out the other gangs, but to scare the citizens of Stilwater into supporting his governmental policies. Hughes nearly succeeds but dies along side his associates in the yacht explosion engineered by the Saints that betrayed the protagonist.

Hughes is voiced by Clancy Brown.

Marshall Winslow

"Introduced/killed in: "Stuffing The Ballot"

During the events of the game, Winslow serves as the acting mayor of Stilwater and he hails from the Saints Row district. Thanks to the aggressive radio campaign launched by political rival, Alderman Richard Hughes, there is a growing opinion of Winslow that he is soft on crime. Despite his current unpopularity, it is suggested that Winslow would still beat Hughes handily if a mayoral election were held immediately. Winslow is assassinated when his campaign bus is hijacked by the 3rd Street Saints and parked on a rail path in the Barrio district, where is it smashed by a northbound locomotive shortly thereafter. The Saints are forced into assassinating Winslow in the hope of winning the release of Julius Little, whom Police Chief Monroe has incarcerated under trumped up charges.

Winslow is voiced by Chris Williams.

Police Chief Monroe

"Intoduced in: "Stuffing the Ballot"

"Killed in: "Hail to the Chief"

Monroe is the corrupt Chief of Stilwater Police Department. As the events of the game unfold, it is revealed that Monroe is not only on the Vice King payroll, but he is also apparently in league with Alderman Richard Hughes. Monroe incarcerates Julius Little and threatens to kill Julius if the Saints do not publicly assassinate Mayor Marshall Winslow. The Saints reluctantly carry out this task, but Monroe renegs on his promise to release Julius upon completion of the job. This proves to be Monroe's downfall as the Saints take advantage of Monroe's guaranteed attendance at the late mayor's funeral to assassinate Monroe as well. Dex's plan to kill Monroe with a surgical sniper strike goes awry when more police vehicles appear in the funeral procession than Dex counted on, and the Saints are forced to destroy all of the police vehicles to make sure that Monroe is killed. The Saints succeed in carrying out Monroe's execution and escape in the chaotic aftermath. In Saints Row 2, Troy Bradshaw appears to take over Monroe's office as Stilwater's Chief of Police.


"Introduced in: "...To Kingdom Come/ Possession with Intent"

Samson is the Saints local mechanic. At numerous points in the game, Samson helps the player complete objectives ie equipping nitrous-triggered bombs on Westside Rollerz' vehicles, installing a car bomb on Aisha's vehicle to stage her death.


"Introduced/killed in: "Return Of The King"

Stefan is a European business entrepreneur, owner of the Foreign Power and Impressions stores in Stilwater. He is Tanya's fashion adviser and knows the codes to her penthouse. The game's protagonist, King, and Gat intimidate him into giving them the codes by hanging him out the window of King's truck at high speeds. King lets him go at high speed out of his truck killing him

Stefan is voiced by David H. Lawrence.

Minor characters

Chicken Ned

Chicken Ned can be unlocked at any time in the game by dialing 555-2445. Ned is dressed as the Lik a Chik mascot, and runs around with a baseball bat.


"Introduced in: "Wong Time, Wong Place"

Dennis is a Chinese garage owner, and a friend of Mr. Wong. An order of difficult to obtain vehicles comes through, and Dennis offers the protagonist money for the vehicles on the list.


"Introduced in: "Daddy's Girls"

Helmers is a redneck who lives in a trailer in the Arena district. He pays the protagonist if the protagonist can bring hos back to his trailer.

Howie Cheatham

"Introduced in: "Legal Action"

Howie Cheatham is a conman who runs a Legal Lee's department. The protagonist can earn money for Howie by throwing themselves into harm's way, with a small amount of this money sent to the protagonist.


"Introduced in: "Suburban Bliss"

Laura is a drug dealing housewife, who becomes a friend to you once you complete Misty Lanes drug trafficking.

Legal Lee

"Introduced in: "Can Legal Lee Help You?"

Legal Lee is a popular dirty businessman who runs a lawyer's firm. He can also send the protagonist to work for him by insurance frauding, and paying the protagonist a small amount of whatever money he earned.


"Introduced in: "An Offer They Can't Refuse"

Marcel is a bar owner in the Projects district that employs the silent protagonist of the to eliminate potential witnesses scheduled to testify against one of Marcel's friends in an upcoming court case.


"Introduced in: "A Woman Scorned"

Mary is a divorced woman, and owner of the $tock$ nightclub, who pays the protagonist in cash to wreak havoc in Stilwater.


"Introduced in: "The Wheel Man"

Miguel is a paraplegic Latino man who runs a garage. Miguel gives the protagonist money if they boost certain vehicles for him.


"Introduced in: "Family Ties"

Mike runs a loan office and can lend money to the protagonist, so long as he gets his money back on time.

Mr. Wong

"Introduced in: "Lost in Translation"

Wong Sheng Tai, or just Mr. Wong, is an old Chinese businessman, who, if you assassinate some people who have wronged his family, will work for you.


"Introduced in: "...But It Sure Fun"

Peggy is a prostitute, the first ever to work in Will's brothel, and is also his girlfriend.


"Introduced in: "Grease Monkey"

Phil is a mechanic who will pay the protagonist to steal and return vehicles to his garage.


"Introduced in: "Short and Sweet"

The protagonist runs into Ralph, the owner of a small logistics company near Wardill Airport, and offers the protagonist money if he can hijack certain vehicles and deliver them to his shop.

Raymond Gonzales

"Introduced in: "Doctor's Orders"

Raymond Gonzales is a Columbian doctor and medical expert, but is also a con artist, and pays the protagonist to throw themself in harm's way.


"Introduced in: "Decoy"

Reno owns Club Glitz, a modern club in the Suburbs district. For creating destruction in Stilwater, Reno rewards the protagonist with cash.

Rico Martinez

"Introduced in: "Rico Suave"

Rico is the owner of a nightclub in the Barrio district. He offers money to the protagonist if they cause damage to the streets of Stilwater.


"Introduced in: "Camera Shy"

Samantha is a stripper who can work for you once you complete the Misty Lanes Escort activity.


"Introduced/killed in: "Hail to the Chief"

Steven is Alderman Hughes' personal assisstant and bodyguard.


"Introduced in: "Billy's Retirement Party"

Tobias is a hippie drug dealer, who will pay the protagonist if he helps Tobias deliver narcotics around the city.


"Introduced in: "Out of Town Guests"

Vicki owns one of the rival brothels in the Red Light district, and pays the protagonist to steal hookers and return them to her brothel.

Wheel Woman

Wheel Woman is unlocked by completing the mission 'Canonized' and will drive you around town.


"Introduced in: "...But It Sure Is Fun"

Will is a pimp who can be unlocked by doing the Athos Bay Snatch activity.

Zombie Lin

As an inside joke, the player can dial up Eye For An Eye voodoo supplies (555-5966) and unlock Lin as a homie, but only after the cutscene where Lin dies. She will then be available as a zombie and drives to wherever the protagonist is in a customized Reaper. She will tear off one of her own arms for use as a weapon and attack whomever threatens the protagonist. Zombie Lin will even go as far as to briefly pause to eat the brains of anyone lying dead on the street.


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